Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is about the tenth edit I've made to this blog. Keep finding better pictures. Some of my favorite faces . My most favorite face is not here, she's taking the photos. I love my wife.


JMRinguet said...

It's real cool to have a glimpse of life on the set, and those are great photos of the cast!

Outsider said...

True Grit!

alfredart said...

Hey Sutter, man I hate to think this ride is coming to an end. (for abit) I'm glad to see that you will be posting more photos. I'm working on a project at the moment, as an artist and a huge fan of SOA I thought... why not work with it. Here's a bit of what I've got done now and allot more will follow. Hope you like...


Juley said...

The lady is good at taking photos.

Ahh I love her so! Best character in the show.

tacomable said...

I heard that there will be a second season, great news. You should check out This blues inflected, mellow and angst ridden sound would fit in very well with the overall feel of the music picks in the first season.

ABATEJoe said...

So, I had to go back.....again.....and look at that finale pics you have there.

Opie ain't there man!!!!

Aw, I'm gonna be bummed if you kill off Opie.

Nah, I just gotta believe that the Deputy sheriff is going to tip them off.

Gonna be a long week till wednesday now.