Thursday, October 30, 2008


First season filming is finished. Katey took a lot of photos, I'll post them in the next few days.


Franklin McQuage Jr. said...

Mr. Sutter;
I love your show, Sons of Anarchy. I am amazed at how true to life you have been able to keep it. As a law enforcement officer I have been tasked with keeping up with the OMG's in my area and am especially facinated with the culture. is there any way that I could get one of the Sons of Anarchy patches for the wall of my office? I would definitely not be crazy enough to wear it when I am on my bike, but I am a huge fan of the show!

Thanks for any consideration!
Lt. Franklin McQuage Jr.
Hopewell Bureau of Police

Kaz_NEETS said...

Congratulations sir!

I'm so addicted to this show, I'm almost sorry to hear the word "Wrap..."

Can't wait to see what happens next; (although I hope Opie doesn't fall deep into the crapper as a result of last night's freeze).

I haven't been this enthused about a tv show in several years.

Thank you Kurt, the brilliant writing team, the crew and the very talented cast for making Sons so utterly watchable and fun.

Looking forward to the images from Ms. Seagal.

Continued success and good wishes,

Miss Grizzly Kaz (who'd wear a support Samcro t shirt if such a thing existed ;))

zzzdog said...

Just 4 more episodes seems too soon for this story to end, or rather, suspend. I'm so invested in these characters and their dilemmas, challenges and besieged hopes -- besides, I'm greedy by nature. I always want more!

Really glad there will be a second season. Kudos to you, the fabulous cast, and all the folks we never see who work so hard to put this show together and on the air. Thanks for the ride.

Unknown said...

Hey Kurt! First and foremost you and S.O.A. rock!! BIG FAN bro! I have a SOA Tribute page on myspace. I just wanna know what does "Men of Mayhem" patch mean??? Thanks! R.C.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kurt! Massive fan of the show. Are we looking at new episodes spring or fall next year? Am I supposed to find a new show to love, if you take the spring off? Such horror... And don't cut Charlie's hair off; that's an order!

Unknown said...

Very belated comment, but HUGE congratulations on getting picked up for a second season. I've been watching SOA from the beginning, and I love it. You've created such an amazing, wonderful world (that sometimes hits a little too close to home) that I can't shut up about it. My friends have started watching just so they know what I'm talking about. Your women are fantastic, the Shakespeare themes rock, and how much do I love seeing fellow riders all over my screen every Wednesday night? Very much.

Just one nitpick - I don't want the season to end yet! I want more! I guess I'll have to be patient.

Again, congrats to you, Kurt.

bluenote said...

Dear Kurt:

I didn't expect to love this show. I have no particular fascination with motorcycles or outlaw gangs, and I only started watching because I wanted to know if Maggie Siff would be available for a return to Mad Men! But then, you went and sucked me in. I am totally invested in your show and can't wait for next season to start.

Speaking of which... after watching tonight's episode and looking at the V.P. Men of Mayhem badge on this page, I'm guessing that Jax starts a civil war when he finds out that Clay and Tig are responsible for Donna's death, and the end result is a new club. I suspect that the image on your blog is a photo of Opie's badge. In fact, if my speculation is correct, next season will be a battle royale between SAMCRO and the Men of Mayhem as they fight for control of Charming. I can even see a tentative truce/alliance between Jax and Hale coming to fruition. Hale will never be in Jax's pocket like Unser is in Clay's pocket, but I can see Hale accepting Jax as the lesser of two evils, especially if the impending war threatens to do real damage to Charming.

Last note: I appreciated the bailout shout-out tonight! That was laugh-out-loud funny! (As was Tig's awesome fear of dolls!)

By the way, I hope you don't put Jax and Tara through too much shit. Hunnam and Siff have chemistry that is through the roof, and I love seeing them together. I hope you don't go all Grey's Anatomy on us and contrive to keep them apart, lol! In truth, I see Tara as the equivalent of Gemma in the new club (if my guess is correct). Lord knows that Wendy doesn't have the strength, smarts, or skill to help lead the new club in a new direction. It will be fascinating to watch the two clubs (again, assuming my guess is correct) operate on two parallel tracks.

I can't wait until next week!