Saturday, October 25, 2008


Finishing up the finale next week. I'm directing the last one and having a blast. Love this cast and crew. Solid fucking humans, all of them. Very rare. I won't give anything away but I'm very excited that I get to shoot a scene with over fifty Harleys on Tuesday. Some days I'm amazed that I actually get paid to do this shit.


E said...


'Parricide', your last episode of 'The Shield', was incredible to watch. Shane almost killing Mackey, trying to cover his ass, and later running away from the Barn was the most tense I've seen the show. That and Mackey turning in his badge, best scenes of the series so far. Damn Sutter Damn!

SOA is great. Congrats on the 2nd season pickup and great cast.


Anonymous said...

congrats and great job with this season.I'm dredding the finale and the wait on the second season to start up lol.Every week its just gotten better.First series in over a decade thats had me glued too the tv and talking about it with friends almost daily.Looking forward too season 2

Kaz_NEETS said...

Kurt, enjoy!

Thanks for creating such a riveting, great show that gets better every week.

I don't know how I'm going to deal with Sons withdrawl after ep 13. Looking forward to it and season two.

I don't believe you got into this business just to direct, your stories are too damn good man.

Thanks for making my week a bit more fun.

Congratulations to a great team, cast, crew and studio alike.

michael froton said...

Morning Kurt,
Can't wait to see it Congrades! looking foward to season 2. Hope to see you at the Love Ride. Great Job!!
Michael Froton

Kevin Michaels said...

Parricide was one of the best episodes of The Shield - definitely had me on the edge of my seat (it kept getting better with each scene - like standing in the ocean and getting hit by wave after wave). And this week's ep on SOA was by far the strongest to date. The show keeps getting better and building each week - it'll be a long, cold winter here in New Jersey without The Shield and SOA.

dadgadjohn said...

So far, so good!
Stay with it.

cwynne said...

Just wanted to say Congrats on the success of the show and being picked up for the 2nd season. i had the pleasure of playing Opie's neighbor; and i just want to re-iterate what you said in your blog about the cast and crew being "solid humans". everyone was so welcoming and down to earth. even though i was there for only 1/2 a day, i had the best time! So thanks to everyone and congrats again! The show is awesome! carmel

os said...

Hate to hear season is at a end, hope next one comes fast! Will you,and cast be on the talk shows,like Leno,Letterman,etc,etc?? Also why isn't there more about SOA, it seem
like the show is not getting the talk up like the other, hope they aren't being the Joe citizen syndrome? I would put SOA up against any other writing,directing!! For us who are real biker first time we have a show about us that is off the HOOK!

Terri Lorah said...

What a great show and Katie is very impressive on SOA. I know it's all for drama but I found it disturbing how quick they turned on Opie especially knowing the DEA was probably setting them up. Other than that, it is very riveting.


g said...

SOA just reached the vod in Israel. I saw the pilot for the first time and I must say I was disappointed, especially by the extra unnecessary violence (cutting the deer, frying the workers in the warehouse). Also the excessive dick, dick dick talk, is there a hidden homosexuality among the members of the club? :)
I'm more aware of unneeded violence since my daughter was born, she is just 2 years and knowing I can't protect her all the time is killing me, I can only try to make her stronger and hope she can defend her self when I'm not around. I used to be a fan of Peter Greenaway and Lars Von Trier until I got the feeling they were pushing the limits too far and showing their own violent obsessions with out artistic justifications (gang rape of a woman until her death and so). In Israel there is a bad atmosphere now, too many shocking events took place lately: Parents killing their small children, a man was killed with no reason by drunken boys, slashed bodies found in a river. Maybe it's the heat, maybe not. There is fear. The end of soa session 1 was great revolving Donna's death and the reaction to it. It was shocking and violent, but pure drama. looking forward to session 2 that will reach Israel when my daughter will be 18 maybe... just kidding.