Friday, October 07, 2011


I feel like the glass is half empty and the other half is filled with pus-soaked man shit.  It usually happens this time of year -- I'm sleep-deprived, malnourished, overstimulated, under-exercised and hypersensitive. My plate is full and the more I devour, the more "do this" gets spiked onto my fork. I know, it's part of the job people would kill for and I'm comfortably rewarded for my efforts, but it still doesn't change the experience. I'm incredibly fragile. When I hear about interweb cunts complaining about episodes or actors grumbling about scripts or studio bottom-line woes, I can't process it. I want to load my fucking proverbial shotgun, put on my designer trench-coat and reduce every fucking living thing to sprinkles and confetti.  

Then vacuum it up.  My OCD.  

But I don't. For the most part, I live in a constant state of restraint.  Pen, tongue, fists.  Twitter is most my most egregious outlet these days.  And how much damage can a guy do in 140 characters?  

Anyway, I tremendously hate everything and everyone in this moment.  Except my wife and kids, I hate them a little less.  I'm knuckling down, scrambling to finish a hundred other things so I can focus on prepping 413 -- which I start directing next week.  Directing always seems like a good idea in March.  October, not so much.  I'm sure we will finish as strongly as we started.  I'm smart enough to surround myself with people who wouldn't let me fuck it up even if I wanted to.

Which I don't. 

Wow, the coyotes are howling like mad outside my home office.  I think they just killed my neighbor's dog.  That makes me feel a little better.  I don't really like that dog.  



Anonymous said...

I admire your honesty and only ask the next time you feel the urge to, just lay in on some keyboard jockey who doesn't like what you had a character say or do. This is YOUR vision and the fans that tune in every week trust in YOUR judgement. Don't let those assholes get to you Kurt. I will always watch SOA!

Manager, Marketing and Communications said...

Pretty much everyone can relate, brother. But at least you're fulfilling your vision. Most of us don't get the chance. Absolutely, vent...then get on with creating awesomeness.

AstridJMF said...

You hate us fans Kurt? well to pity but we dont hate you, we even LOVE you ..... ;)
Your show is the most amazing show right now on tv, i m just very happy to not be cardiac with the intensity of the last episodes..
but i calm myself to say : the lesson from KS i learned is never believe the obvious! ;)
but i so love read and do my own theories on how "you will eat the fans" with your great SOA in different FB groups and all!
So in a nutshell you hate everything and everyone right now! fine! But I love you and your great show anyway...
Courage be brave !
PS : at worst next season you can come back with the idea of Abel being kidnapped by Aliens, and SONS on Space Bikes fight against ZORG with the help of Buzz Lightyear ... ;)

Maddie said...

"I want to load my fucking proverbial shotgun, put on my designer trench-coat and reduce every fucking living thing to sprinkles and confetti".

I know the feeling!!!

Patricia Maire said...

you never fail to make me giggle I mean really laugh should learn not to read this in public places others tend to give me the strangest of looks

@pswalker1234 said...

I can appreciate all your hardwork. We all can. Your hardwork and dedication to your show and your passion is admirable. Watching Sons of Anarchy is the best part of my week. I channel my inner bad ass while watching SAMCRO. Everyone's job sucks and I am sure yours does too at times but keep on plugging away at those episodes, I'm sure 413 will be awesome, hopefully I will be commenting one day when you are working on 913 or 1513. Think about that for a second. 15 seasons! That would be EPIC! Keep it up Kurt. SOA fans love you!

Fred said...

WTF Sutter. You actually sound like a normal guy. Except being twice as cool, down to earth and trigger happy. Love it, gives a lot of hope for coming SOA episodes. BTW - who the hell likes the neighbours dog?

Keep it up!

Fern said...

I will say this then leave you the fuck alone: we love you, we appreciate this amazing ride we get to take and for Jebus' sake EAT something!


BronteBT said...

What the hell do people have to complain about this season? Every episode has left me scared shitless for a new character and even more on the edge of my seat for the next episode, and it's so rare for me to be invested in a TV show. The writing, cast, music, everything gets better with each episode. SOA is the best thing on TV, fuck what the emmys say. Vent however you have to, if it's helping you make this epic show what it is, I'll be your personal punching bag! X

mrsckidd said...

i know how you fell well im sure i dont have as much pressure as you but it is the time of yearr for fuckitall!!! but the coyotes are helping.

cassandra kidd
barnesville, ohio

Jimmy Scoops said...

This is why I love ya, Sutter! You're an angry artist in a sea of mediocre Hollywood bullshit.

Cowhand Kelley said...

I'm sure it means approximately jack shit, but I only look forward to two shows on TV. One is Jeopardy. The other is Sons of Anarchy. When I'm stressed and unhappy, getting lost in SOA for an hour (well, let's be honest, more like four hours. I watch the immediate reruns...)Just like my favorite books, these characters YOU created are a part of my life. You've done a very powerful thing. Thank you.
Even at your worst, meanest, nastiest, please remember that you're one of the creators and not one of the visigoths.

Unknown said...

Like I told y'all on twitter, when the hack cunt wanna - bee's complain about the lack of action in the episodes this season, I have to wonder WTF they're watchin', cause they sure as shit ain't watchin' SOA!

Either that, or they done smoked some wacky weedus and watchin' the CW through rose colored glasses instead of SOA! Let's face it, CW hasn't had a decent show on since SMALLVILLE ended (told ya I'm a geek).

Right now, y'all don't need to be payin' attention to the keyboard jockies who think they know the show better than you, much less give any credence to the rumor mills. Your baby is in it's fourth season, and you're protective ot it. I grok that.

The nay sayers and the grumblers and the rumormongers are always gonna be there, darlin'. Like ants at a picnic. Annoying, but they can be dealt with. They're as inevitable as daeth and taxes, just more annoying. And squashable.

As far as finishing strongly with413, have we fans ever let y'all down? I got my Tuesday nights off again, and intend to be right there at 10pm, lights off, tee vee on, ready to feast upon the banquet that is SOA. All four hours of it.

By the way, thanks for the good laugh over your mention of Twitter. I mean, really? How much damage can a guy do in 140 characters? :)

There's a little picture goin' around the internet, and wish I could post it here. It might make ya smile. Envision a cute little geeko, lyin' on its' back on a springy green leaf. The geeko is baskin' in the sun. All is good with the world for the geeko.

The caption reads, 'Not an ounce of fuck will be given today.'

Purrs and whisker kisses from Indiana.

Steve Kuma said...

Quit your whining Sutter and sort us out Episode 6! ;o)
Just kidding, vent all you want, its natural and therapeutic!
Refreshing to see someone in your position actually telling it like it is, not sugar coating the fuck out of it! Or doing it through some 'representative'!
Keep On Keeping On Man!

Anonymous said...

All I know is one hour a week you give me something to look forward to.

No matter how crappy my day is, I perk up knowing there will be a new episode on Tuesday night. On that night, I get to lose myself in a riveting storyline with people living a life that I will never live.

Kurt, I thank you for that one hour of pure pleasurable escapism from my mundane life. Rene'

vivdecas said...

WTF Sutter? Get over yourself. You think you're the only one who hates everyone and everything? We all feel that way-it's our human nature. So just shut the fuck up and get to work!

Marc said...

Keep doing your thing man. You have a fan base that supports you and trusts you with the characters you have created that we have grown to love/be angry with/realize that they represent something inside all of us. You write about an MC, but its the human experience that pulls people in. And because you don't hide who you are, it does bleed into the show and is a fantastic piece of art and is something that so many people identify with.

so basically, keep putting boots to asses.

and I agree with Fern :: go eat something. i recommend an angus burger with goat cheese and bacon on an english muffin.

Lish said...

We love SOA. We busted our budget to buy satellite so we could watch the new season up here in Canada. No regrets at all about that! Thank you for making SOA an experience instead of just a show. I appreciate what you do so much more, knowing what goes into it. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I am a little slow on the up-take, but I just realized that Otto is Kurt and maybe even vice versa, who knows? Anyway, hats off to you sir...and the many hats you wear.

Dianne ~ California said...

Yeah that was me who anonymously wrote about you being Otto...uh...I was embarrassed to think I didn't realize it all this time! So I am going to woman-up.
Good job though. NO GREAT job...!

Marteen said...

At one point or another, many people feel the same way you are feeling right now, they just don't express it as publicly as you do. And then it passes. Until the next time. Hang in there, take a night off, relax with your family, and then go face the music again. You are creating the most amazing season ever, thank you so much for that. Now go take care of yourself, Mister! Or your fans are gonna band together and start sending you care packages from all over the world! Then again, that could be a good thing. Imagine the possibilities... Good luck to you :)

Helena Hanbaskett said...

I can't imagine the pressure. I hate deadlines and I detest stress.

As for the whiners, I have a friend who would whine if she was handed a hundred dollar bill that had 1 wrinkle in it. She leads a charmed fucking life and is spoiled too rotten. ONE SECOND in my life or my head would put this bitch in the fetal position and she would never talk again and lick windows.


Keep on keepin' on Kurt. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF too though!!!


Helena Hanbaskett said...

I can't imagine the pressure. I hate deadlines and I detest stress.

As for the whiners, I have a friend who would whine if she was handed a hundred dollar bill that had 1 wrinkle in it. She leads a charmed fucking life and is spoiled too rotten. ONE SECOND in my life or my head would put this bitch in the fetal position and she would never talk again and lick windows.


Keep on keepin' on Kurt. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF too though!!!


Misty Johnson said...

Kurt ,


BC Woman said...

*fires up the BBQ & gets some good stuff smokin for ya* I want to be all soft & gooiely supportive...but fuck that...I want more SOA!!! so stop bitching & *hands you a glass of wine* drink up princess! the gooey ya dude! You're allowed to brood, can stir juices, good/bad don't matter, just remember in the end you have it easy compared to us. You KNOW where this is going...we have to wait...patiently for this weeks episode, then next...a whole FREAKIN week we gotta wait?!?!?! THEN you leave us hanging...for what MONTHS...extreme torchure man...

but we love you, love the show and we keep comin back for more... masochistic I know.

SOA fan from Beautiful BC

Judith Amanda said...

When I hear about interweb cunts complaining about episodes or actors grumbling about scripts or studio bottom-line woes, I can't process it. I want to load my fucking proverbial shotgun, blah blah blah...

Ditto, when I hear some pussy-writer/director/producer complaining.

BTW, I *LOVE* the show.

Sons of Anarchy Anonymous said...

There isn't such a thing as normal. Your crazy and so are we, that's why we basically get along. Maybe the Red riding hood is following the big bad wolf and she will get you through October....

Razormuse said...

Gotta respect an honest man. You've got a lot on your plate..MY shotgun wouldn't be so proverbial. Love the show, mad respect for all the hard work,blood sweat & tears you put into it just so we can get our weekly fix.Feel free to's what makes Sons of Anarchy so full of life.Hope tings get better for ya..get a piece of ass, a cocktail & smoke out..this too shall pass. Katey is a hella woman for being able to not just be married to you but work with you as well..Peace.

Anonymous said...

Please sir hate me some more!!U rock u jackass!

Amber Kep said...

The manner in which this was written provided me with my most genuine laugh all day, and the remainder of the time I had a stupid grin on my face. The image of the shot gun and trench coach was perfectly juxtaposed by one of sprinkles and confetti. But the way you're feeling really isn't comical. I hope it's short-lived for you.

Those "cunts" constantly critiquing and complaining don't recognize true art. There are so many who appreciate and respect SOA for exactly what it is. Season 3 was my favorite. The episodes people seem to have issues with are the ones I love most. So've got that.

You've also got a mammoth fan base to support you. Thank you for your hard work and consistent communication.


Miss Juice said...

Even though fans may complain, they watch. If anything, complaining, questioning, wondering are all part of the experience. You got people to react, in a good way, to the story and the plot. You got people to have an open conversation about race and social segregation that didn't get ugly, even on other boards.
A response that what truly overwhelming I think. Every subplot, every story is a gamble. What will get people to react, what will entertain them, what will make the story real? SOA is all of these things and more. It is a story about flawed people, moral ambiguity, and above all else, a man's struggle with who he is, and who he ultimately wants to be.

People will watch because of the characters. We have seen them do the worst of things and have still watched. Don't sell us short. Poll people here and everyone will have a different favorite character for a different reason, that is the mark of great writing AND character development.
Don't sell your talent short rather OCD and creative genius than "normal".
And, just think, you get to keep your ear!

Viize said...

This may be my favorite thing you have ever said:

"I want to load my fucking proverbial shotgun, put on my designer trench-coat and reduce every fucking living thing to sprinkles and confetti."

Tempest said...

Hi Kurt,

I wanted to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised to see that Otto and Gemma had a scene together. I believe this is the first scene that you and Katey have ever shared on the show. I tell people that many shows start to lose their intensity in the fourth season, but I also mention that SOA is the exception. You wrote it so that more things would unravel with time--wise choice.

tELLErized said...

Kurt - I think you know already know the point of your rant: you're human, face it

Let me add this: You're also imperfect and do have a lot of feelings for a guy.

However, as fascinating as perfection may be to some, imperfection is always more intriguing. The fact that you admit to it, it's not a cunt move. Quite the opposite, it's manning up to it even though the stress and exhaustion is getting to you.

IMO, it will all work itself out, you got great people working for you and you know what needs to be done. It's too damn bad you can't clone yourself to make things easy for you but it's the price of protecting your creation.

After all is said and done, I know you'll be stringing us along with your work. Can't wait for that HUGE 413

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Love your honesty and I really enjoy reading your comments and your humor. You keep it real and that's refreshing. Can't imagine all the stress of doing what you do daily. You just need to remember venting is actually a good healthy thing. You give us the fans 42 mins a week(as you say)that we can all forget about our own lives & problems. One night a week we can all kick back forget about all the crap we don't want to think about and it's great. We can just relax and enjoy watching true entertaining television. That is what YOU have created and giving to us with Son's Of Anarchy and believe me it's deeply appreciated. Keep up the good work we love it.

SparticusInk said...

Hey Kurt
TV junkies will never be happy because they didn't create SOA . It's like the rule that focuses on watching a movie before reading the book . Because the images in your head are from the film not your own so you will never be disappointed . If you read the book you will be always be disappointed when you watch the film for the images are not yours !! So don't worry about these people for you , the crew and cast have made this show an international success !!! This is why we tune in ,  wear the t-shirts , start FB pages , SOA blogs and get SOA tattoos .Expression is an amazing relaxation tool so remember if you free the mind the rest will follow !! . When your in this state change your diet , change your stimulants and go for a walk !! In relation to the dog let's take time to reflect ok times Up !! 
Take care

Monterey Laner said...

It seems to me that everyone is missing the best part of your post. It's not the brutally violent shotgunning that cracks me up, it's the "Then vacuum it up, My OCD." punchline that keeps me coming back to SAMCRO week after week.
I know you are in the most hellish part of the meat-grinder right now, I work in network TV so I'm intimately familiar with the beast you struggle to tame.
Let me offer you a bit of solace based on my current experiences.
Imagine being on a formerly white-hot show where nobody above the line gives a shit anymore. The writing is blah and meanders from contrivance to cliche every week. The actors are completely disconnected from the process and only occasionally come to set having read the material. The executive producer has moved on to the next show, and the listless ship limps along in circles with no direction and no hope for anything redeeming in the future from a hapless writing team that's busy cashing in. In my eyes that's worse. Squandering the opportunity to tell well crafted stories to a captive audience week after week, it's criminal, and disheartening to be part of it.
You're in hell right now because you give a shit. You care deeply about the show and its direction, live and breath the characters and every bit of it translates to the screen. The process isn't pretty, and it takes a huge toll, but the results speak for themselves.
Suck it up, sack up, and push hard to the end of season four even though it is leeching the life out of you.
It could be worse, way worse, I know because I'm living it.
Thank you for doing what you do, SOA is keeping me sane right now with the best story-telling I've seen on TV in a long time. Thank you for the inspiration
Now please excuse me while I don my bathrobe and buckshot the neighbors Pomeranian.

The_Fatman said...

Fuck Sutter you're a miserable cunt sometimes.

Great show ya got goin on though.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the 'interweb cunts' Kurt. Your fans love what you do, not just the ones in the US but internationally as well.
Back in February when we were rocked by another massive earthquake and my house was a mess, my street was knee deep in liquefaction, my city destroyed and my heart grieving for those lost, SOA was screening here.
For those 40 or so minutes I was able to forget everything that was going on around me and focus on the story and characters that you created! How many of those fuckers complaining about your show could EVER hope to achieve that?
Christchurch, New Zealand

jerry dameron said...

Who cares what people think about ur show you've got a lot of fans out their that love the show your writing. Just keep it going. You are a talented writer and great storyteller thanks again

Librarychic1 said...

These are my favourite blogs from you, your honesty is admirable and I truly respect you.

I hope you get more lovers than haters. It's hard to ignore the complainers when you're stressed up to your eye balls, no wonder you need meds. Who wouldn't?

I had a shitty arse day the other day and saw my sons smiley face on the school bus as I went to pick him up, enough to make me cry in my vulnerable state. At the end of the day it goes to show how important work is in comparison to our little spawn.

I don't mind you hating us for a while, we get the results from your distress. Vent as much as you like, we will take anything from you. God knows I love your douchebag days on twitter. If your followers know you well enough they won't take offense. Let it all out. We love you.

PS. To all the fuckers that are complaining about you complaining......Have you ever had pressure and stress in your lives and kept quiet in the corner? We are all human, so shut the fuck up yourselves hypocrites.

"Chub Daddy" said...

Fucken eh bro! Fuck eh!

Victoria Brown said...

I won't say that I can even begin to imagine how you feel or what you are going through. I am a writer as well only I've never had the guts to put myself out there. You do that with everything that you do. Whether it is SOA or twitter, anything you say is criticized. You are going to be on overload because there is only so much one person can handle whether it is bitching actors or critics that don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. I have been an avid fan of SOA since the very first episode. I have watched it all and having some inside to a biker club, you are doing a great job kurt, I say f'em to anyone else who says different. Just try to remember that this is your dream...for you and your wife...and try to not just push through directing the greatest show to hit tv in a long time, but to also make sure that you are following your goals and dreams as you do it. The rest, is just the bullshit that goes with what you do....enjoy the ride man!

Keith Twing said...

Love the direction and can understand the stress your in. I can only imagine was the other shows with 20-26 episodes do (besides reruns and breaks) to keep up. Not a criticism, just a question.

I will say even though I know last year and before were huge Irish themed seasons, id like to see more of Chibbs as a biker and loyal member of the SOA.

I'm totally waiting for the SOA T-shirt with the Happy saying, "Oh Yes I Will!"

Awesome show, great twists, and just to say, when you make the show what we want and not what you(your team) wants, its going to fail either professionally or personally and you will have Jumped the Shark...

Anonymous said...

Being on that Fukitol has generated some mean and twisted scripts. Watching it all dissolve into suspicion, fear, anger, and betrayal ... watching you levitate the doll and then clinically stick pins in every part of it just to see what hurts ... wow. A detailed examination of the failure of every ethical system known to us. Looking forward to next week's exposition.

Chris Fried said...

Since these comments were removed from the SOA Facebook page, let me write them here.

SOA was a great show. Past tense. Sad.

And the problems with the show are directly linked to you Sutter.

Where to start. Well, how about the Juice storyline. Juice is acting as if the SOA is the KKK. Where is the basis for that?

Lets order the hit on an old lady. Really? This is a rehash of the hit on Opie in season 1? Or... are we simply going into fantasy land. (If you wonder why some actors are complaining about the script, stop wondering)

Speaking of rehashing old storylines, enough with the porn star banging a cheating club member. One time was ok. Two times and it gets not only boring, but annoying.

There wasn't much from the AUSA this episode. But him acting like an insane minister in this role, well, it is stupid.

Up until the last episode of season 2, this was a great show. But lets go kidnap the baby was the jumping the shark moment. I am trying to stick to watching it, in the hopes that the show gets back to where it was, but my patience is running thin.

The problem with the show is Sutter. If you read his blog, you can see that many of these plot lines are impacted by the emotional problems that he is dealing with in his personal life. Those emotional issues are wrecking this show.

I will add this. If you out to ruin the show and get it cancelled. Fine, just tell us. If this is not your mission, then either get back to basics or get off the show.

Hate to sound like a prick here, but this is how I feel.

Ether Blade said...

People do not like the episodes..weird. I think that this season is pretty awesome. Your writing is what makes SOA so good. Honestly, I look forward to the end of every episode so that I can see what bombshell is going to be dropped. Keep it up, man.

Anne Margaret Jensen said...

Dear Kurt,

First I want to say I am a fan of your. Despite the heavy language, and massive amounts of sexuality the storylines are quite good. I have been watching since season 1 and have fallen in love with many of the characters.
That being said the most recent episode (Season 4 episode 6) left me feeling sad and a little angry. I am disgusted by the way women are portrayed and treated on this show. I understand that infortunatly a lot of women choose to live lives like this. But does that mean they can be abused. At the end of the episode where Jax assults the porn star, in my mind was so uncalled for. You are sending a message that men can treat girls like crap. I honestly want to stop watch the show after this episode. As a woman this makes me sad that this kind of thing is being shown on television.
On another note, I think you are a brilliant writer. God has given you an incredible talent. I wish you all the best.

Chris F said...

Dear Mr. Sutter,

I'd like to apologize for my comments in the previous post. I'd never thought you'd actually post them. I am one of those "cunt bloggers" you skewered on Twitter. Even though my comments about you and the show are far fetched and clearly inaccurate, the intent in posting them was to send you a message. Your rage hurts people. Keep that in mind the next time you go on a Twitter rant.

BTW - this season is perhaps the finest season on the show.

Anonymous said...

Jeez Kurt! Thanks for the reminder that these are bad guys and girls. Racist sexist a**holes who are haters and hate themselves. Man, I hate liking you sometimes. Keep it coming.

Name : AAQ said...

Wow, I had no idea you write and shoot the episodes so close to when they're televised. Nov 30 2011 is meant to be televised S4E13 right?

Mad props to you K.S, you're even more talented than I originally understood. Here I was thinking these episodes were shot half a year before televised!
Keep it coming I hope to hear/see a season 5 and 6 and furthermore I'm addicted.

Invested fan right here, since the first scene with Jax on his bike (Pilot).

SOA is gold, whoever dislikes it... Well, to those guys I say F.O. (I don't swear much but that's clearly abbreviated for something evident).

You are pulling my strings with every episode; you have me worried about Juice, you have me concerned for Tara's safety whilst at the same time you even have me wanting Clay to remain safe.

Please keep it up, legendary writing/producing/acting. Whatever drives you has not let you down before, you seem to have so much on your plate but do still keep it comedic in your writings here & on the show :) that's raw/natural talent in my opinion. You have it K.S, you keep at it!

My only gripe, I wish you had more episodes per season. :)

Anonymous said...

I notice that a lot of people don't seem to understand the Juice storyline. It's not that the club would react badly to Juice being black, it's that Juice doesn't know how they would react and it's extremely possible they'd react badly. (Or maybe he does know because there had been a prior incident or club lore about it.) The point is about what he fears, not what the reality is. He is literally betting his life. After all, Clay is a sociopath. And the rules are arbitrary and inflexible, which was part of the point of what happened with the Arizona chapter taking out two of their own after the Redwood chapter accused them of selling meth without a club vote. Bobby should be pretty worried for a bunch of reasons.

As to Jax breaking that stripper's face, I think the point is to see the change in Jax. From the guy that would try not to kill someone if it could possibly be avoided, to someone who will kill in an instant to protect his own. And, of course, she made a bad mistake: she pointed a gun at Jax's mother and wife. Again the rules, even the unwritten ones require serious punishment. It's an outlaw motorcycle club; they are sometimes not the most forgiving people. Even strippers have to think about who they are getting involved with.

And since the rules can be invoked somewhat arbitrarily you will start to see everyone break under the pressure. It's awesome story telling. Thanks.

jeschapman said...

SOA is by far the best show in lifetime history by far!!!!! great job Kurt, you are very gifted.

jeschapman said...

SOA is by far the best television show in history!!!!!! Kurt you are very gifted, great Job!!! I have watched since the beginning and WOW just awesome.

Nico'Thom said...

Dude, I love you. So I'm telling you what my rider coach told me: Shake it off. And what my sponsor told me: Call your sponsor. :) All you have to do today is breathe. ~Nicole

Anonymous said...

KS, I have my own business that I have built from the ground up. My vision, my passion, my sweat keep it going, I am the engine. Your Fukitol post has put into words what I have been feeling for the past year.

I understand your pain, nice to know there is someone else out there that feels it too.


Anonymous said...

People complaining or not liking the episodes. Are they are crack? Season four has been great, all the twists and turns so far have me longing for Tuesday nights on FX. No phone calls or emails from 9-10 p.m. Even more excited that you're directing an upcoming episode. Will Katey be singing on this one, too? Can't wait to see how the story develops. Tara and Juice storylines great!

Anel Laj

J Mc said...

FUCK everyone Sutter. Your show RULES!!!!!! That porn star bitch deserved what she got because of the way she acted to Opie's wife! GREAT dialogue BTW....

I actually live in NorCal and often look for local scenes.....

J Mc

Anonymous said...

Hi! Wow! Sorry that you are to the fukitol stage of the season - which you hit about this time every season! Maybe this comment will lift your spirits (or not - whatever). I just re-watched your (Otto) scene with Katy at the prison and man the chemistry between the two of you was so strong, it just jumped off the screen. Usually when I see real-life couples on screen together, it's flat and uninteresting (See "Eyes Wide Shut"). You two just burned it up. I would love to see more of the two of you together, if you can work it into the story.

Dragonater said...

Keep it Fast & Furious bro.