Sunday, January 18, 2009


Just a heads up that EBay is still jammed with "unofficial" Sons of Anarchy merchandise. Everything from hats to fucking baby bibs. Just to be clear, I don't get a dime from merchandising (I signed my life and soul over to Fox along time ago), my concern is not about money, it's about respect. SOA has taken advice and friendly warnings from the MC community very seriously. We have been responsible in the manufacturing of our limited merchandise so that we don't exploit, endanger or infringe on any tradition, club or copyright. The scumbags on EBay don't give a shit. They crank out their worthless crap in their little shirt shops and unload it on the uneducated consumer. FX has had little success in shutting these folks down. It will probably take someone getting a beating to shine a light on the problem. When Dickie Dorfman walks into a diner wearing his pleather cut with a California rocker and some outlaw rips it off his back and jams a chicken pot pie up his ass, maybe then someone will get the point. Anyway, nothing I can do about it except keep people aware. It just pisses me off. And if you see anyone wearing any of this shit, spit in their soy latte and tell them it's from me.


surrounded by carnivores said...

Is Fox unwilling to pursue copyright infringement? Did they copyright the image and control the use and sale? I am surprised that Fox is seeming to let this ride. It would be easy to nail some ass to the wall, legally since eBay merchants are simple to track. eBay takes down other sites that are deemed 'unworthy', why not make a clear example of the rip-off artists who do not honor the copyright.

Justin said...

"jams a chicken pot pie up his ass"


Agmarr said...

You're not catching flak (from MCs) for these idiots, right?

East Coast said...

yea, its amazing how many B.S. clubs have popped up here in my area Kurt, These jackoffs have no clue what trouble there asking for, No clue between 1 patch vs. 3 pc patch, nor requesting a sit down with the leading Club in the area for permission to fly colors.

dont get me wrong, the shows awesome, and gets me fired up each time I watch it, But it also reminds me about respect, loyalty, honor and all the hard work we've done earning the respect of fellow brothers as well as the surrounding community, and personally, I'm not ready to let these jerkoffs come in and play fantasy biker, only to fuck something up along the way for the %1 guys who've actually had to prospect for a year or more to fly the colors we hold so high.

I enjoy following your blog, You remind me of someone I know here, a stand up brother.

Be Well
East Coast

surrounded by carnivores said...

Any chance the extensive SOA fan sites could do a e-mail/phone campaign to eBay? Initiated by Tina Lou or others with extensive fan lists. What do you think?
p.s. happy birthday to Katey (and Drea) from another Capricorn.

Lakota said...

I looked at ebay and had to chuckle a little I see a lot of the stuff appears to come from overseas,thailand and such some people just dont realize what they are asking for if they buy/sew on/ wear a three piece patch.If you think ebay is ad check out My Space Kurt and do a search for
SOA,fanclubs pages,read some of
there stuff,and look at the pictures,.nuff said,

Unknown said...

I was going to suggest the same thing. As a fan base we could start lighting a fire under their chicken pot pie stuffed asses to knock it off.

carlitomachete said...


jeeezus... and here I thought the SOA skully on Abel was hella poignant.

but there's the rub, no? on SOA, a club patch on a baby's skully SAYS something. out here, a faux patch shouts nothing but cluelessness.

@ East Coast, different scenario, same motive, brother: I'm reminded of back'naday, before hip-hop was commodified, and having to traverse the 5 boros to put together the perfect jeans, sneakers, jacket, etc, then strappin' up heavy, so you wouldn't get said outfit ripped off your back if you ventured into a hot spot too far from home.

nowadays, anyone can walk up to a Macy's, point to the hip-hop starter-kit in the window, and tell the sales clerk: "I wannabe JUST like that..."

shit, not too long ago, New Era (official baseball cap company for MLB and others) put out a line of caps in various colors (primarily red and blue) with no logo, only a bandana's paisley design.

any guesses as to who they were targeting?

Roadkill said...

It is not just on EBay but SOA shirts are being sold at HD dealerships, truck stops, and many other stores. Is this a surprise? No, not at all. Remember West Coast and Orange County Choppers. Both shows sold tons of t-shirts and the printers got rich by making them. The shirts FX sells for the show SUCK. People want to look like outlaw bikers. No one is getting a ass kicking over a TV show t-shirt. Let's be real. Now for $10 you can join a club! What a great deal. Maybe the SONS should stop selling guns and start selling t-shirts!! That's were the money is.

wackness said...

I almost felt like shit seeing as how I got a SOA shirt for Christmas and after all the pirated shit I been hearing about I asked my dad where he got it and thankfully he got it from the FX website so its all good that shirt is really promoting the show I love ur show kurt its badass its the only show I watch religiously I really look forward to the second season I know u and ur team will come up with some sweet material

Fred said...

i completely understand the copyright infringement issue... but "respect?" "official" SOA doggy tags and ipod nanos are "street?"


take yourself a little less seriously, and you'll realize that SOA is to the "MC Community" what "Starsky & Hutch" was the to the "PD Community."

it's a great is just a show.

rock on.

Anonymous said...

i am very aware that it's just a tv show. i've rung that bell time after time. my issue with the merchandise is that i've made very specific promises to outlaw clubs. clubs are VERY proprietary over fonts, slogans, patches and placement. yes, we sell bullshit dogtags on out FX site, but i don't get "concerned" phone calls about the dog tags. trust me, all that shit comes back to bite me in the ass. what i do take very seriously are my relationships in this world... and my personal safety.

fig said...

Hi Kurt,
SoA is awesome. Trying to find the DVD collection for my wife. Any ideas?

Outsider said...

Friends...This is off thread...but wanted Kurt to see it as a fellow SAG member is freakin' scary...
I have to remind members that British Equity lost Jurisdiction for Commercials in 1997...It could happen here for SAG theatrical....the solution...ratify the last offer of the amptp and/or no strike auth...whichever comes first....then merge with aftra so there's never another schism between two sister unions again...


Inside the SAG Boardroom
Sources from inside SAG’s marathon board meeting blasted Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg as a “corrupt and dirty chair,” asserting that he and his Membership First allies repeatedly abused parliamentary rules throughout the “surreal” 28-hour national board meeting earlier this week in order to suppress the SAG board’s moderate majority.

In support of their contentions, the approximately 10 sources—including board members from across the country—described a previously-unreported litany of Membership First’s alleged delaying tactics, and provided a detailed chronology of the meeting. The sources requested anonymity due to the possibly-confidential nature of the meeting and fear of retaliation. I sought comment from Rosenberg, SAG, and others, but 1st VP Anne-Marie Johnson responded in an email that SAG, its staff, officers and board members would not comment.

As a result of the alleged abuse, the board meeting ended Tuesday afternoon with no substantive action taken on any agenda item. In particular, no vote was ever taken on the moderates’ so-called omnibus motion that would have fired SAG National Executive Director Doug Allen (not just removed him as chief negotiator, as has been reported elsewhere), replaced the negotiating committee, and reopened negotiations with the AMPTP. The move to fire Allen led Rosenberg to step down from the chair temporarily to deliver an obscenity-laced response:

You want a fucking civil war in this union? You do this, you will get a fucking civil war. I’ll lead it.

Instead of a vote on the omnibus motion, no fewer than 26 separate votes took place on procedural motions, during which Membership First members allegedly spoke well in excess of their allotted 3-4 minutes each, sometimes speaking against their own motions so as to delay proceedings.

When challenged during the meeting regarding the lengthy speeches, Rosenberg, sitting as the chair of the meeting, allegedly contended that “the clock is broken” or that he was “not sure how to run it”—referring to the clock intended for timing member speeches and limiting them to the prescribed lengths. However, the clock was declared functional again when the moderates spoke, according to the sources. Rosenberg also allegedly asserted on one or more occasions that there were problems with the voting equipment, necessitating 10-15 minute searches for Guild staff to provide assistance, a source of further delay.

Membership First members were allegedly allowed to speak well in excess of prescribed limits, with one member holding onto the mic for 17 minutes in the guise of a question. Sometimes, the same question would be asked repeatedly, sometimes by the same person. Other times, people would speak briefly, then stand silently at the mic for several minutes. Rosenberg, the sources said, would frequently interject to express agreement with concerns the Membership First members raised, violating the neutrality that the moderates said was the chair’s duty. He would also himself speak “interminably” from the chair.

Over-long statements from the floor by Membership First members were frequently allowed under the guise that they were questions, sources said. Extended questions were allegedly allowed by Rosenberg even where the motion on the floor was not supposed to be subject to debate under the applicable rules. According to the sources, Membership First members frequently shouted “point of order” or “point of information,” delaying proceedings with what moderates described as frivolous speeches and extended questions.

One result of these factors was that the board members held a debate on a motion to extend the Monday session of the meeting by 3 hours, but the vote on this motion didn’t come until 8 hours after the original 10:00 p.m. adjournment time had passed.

The moderates described repeatedly objecting to Membership First’s tactics to no avail, as Rosenberg swatted away their objections, even ignoring the contrary advice of SAG’s in-house and outside counsel, who were present during parts of the meeting (most of the rest of the staff, including Doug Allen, were not present for most of the meeting). Indeed, on one occasion, Rosenberg told the attorneys—SAG’s own lawyers—that they were “liars,” said one source. On another occasion, he allegedly told them “you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Referring to the extended delay and tactics viewed by the moderates as obstructionist, Rosenberg allegedly answered: “You might as well give up now. This is what you can expect for the next two years. Count on it!” He made comments to this effect on multiple occasions, said the sources. Sources added that Rosenberg repeatedly threatened to have some of the moderates evicted, even calling for the on-site security guard to add muscle to his threat.

Another Membership First member, when asked by a moderate if the purpose of the parliamentary maneuvering was to waste time until the meeting was set to adjourn, sneered in agreement: “You understand that then, don’t you?” he allegedly said.

Among the many motions allegedly introduced by Membership First were multiple motions to adjourn the meeting. These were introduced even though no substantive business had been conducted and many board members had been flown in from around the country, and lodged in hotels, at Guild expense.

Another occurrence, according to the sources and as reported by other media outlets, was a voting irregularity committed on Tuesday by several Membership First members. This involved one member attempting to vote on behalf of three or four other members (media reports to date have only reported two), which is described by the sources as a violation of SAG rules. When one of the participants in the alleged irregularity was confronted, she responded in part with a bizarre discussion of her personal biography, according to a source:

My father was a veterinarian. I used to go all over the South with him. I know poverty. I’ve seen kids without clothes. I’m an ordained minister. I’m about helping people.

The hurdles for the moderates were that they faced, in their description, a highly biased chair, and that they had only a simple majority (i.e., more than 50%) of votes on the Board, but not the 2/3 (i.e., 66.67%) supermajority apparently necessary to close off debate and force a vote on the omnibus motion. They won many motions by about a 55% majority, but since they did not control 2/3 of the board votes, they were unable to muster 2/3, although they came within less than one-quarter percent of that figure in one case.

The sources decried Rosenberg’s conduct as “egregious,” “abominable,” “belligerent,” “threatening,” “abusive,” “intimidation,” “reprehensible,” “partisan,” “not even-handed, not fair,” “not neutral,” “hostile,” “despicable,” “malfeasance,” and “intended to slow the meeting down.”

The sources who used the term “corrupt chair” and “dirty chair” acknowledged that these descriptions of Rosenberg were not in any way meant to imply that he was financially corrupt, and no source suggested that he was.

Full disclosure: I have previously blogged very critically about Membership First and its positions. I do agree with a few of its positions on the SAG contract, although not on their approach to the key 3 positions (2 re new media and one re DVD residuals). I have previously blogged both approvingly and critically about the moderates and their positions, although more often approvingly.


Subscribe to my blog ( for more about SAG, or digital media law generally. Go to the blog itself to subscribe via RSS or email. Or, follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, or subscribe to my Huffington Post articles.


Grumbler said...

Kurt - m/c license plate frames with 'Sons Of Anarchy' on top and 'FX Networks' on bottom from the FX Store would be cool *if* it's okay with the outlaw clubs.

Despite budget constraints, here's hoping you can shoot a few episodes outside the routine filming locations. Humboldt County comes to mind.

S a s h a said...

just continually voice that jerks are creating unofficial, ripped off merch...issue a press release from the network to the fanclubs, bloggers, etc, and place it on the FX website, and then create a video to go viral on YouTube about it. make sure approved network merch says: official merch for novelty purposes only. have the legal dept go after the culbrits creating the merchandise. and if people are dumb enough to buy the bogus merch and flaunt it even after word got out that it is UNCOOL and disrespectful...they'll be faced with the consequences because you made the dedicated attempt to stop the unofficial merch getting to marketplace.

m. said...

I just wanted to let you know I posted a link to your blog on the Facebook SOA fansite telling everyone to read what you have to say about the e-bay stuff. I even sent a personal message to one of the guys there who said he just got some e-bay shirts. He wrote back and was VERY appreciative for the heads up...I just want to look out for my fellow SOA fans... Keep up the good work!!!

Kaz_NEETS said...

Since your first post, I've avoided any SoA items on eBay.

I always support the stuff (music/movies/shows/comics) I love through buying official.

Maybe Fox can put something up on the SoA official website? But I think it's a little weird that Fox won't step in as far as eBay. It may take someone getting their butt handed to them to stop this.

Thud said... didn't realise that this issue would arise?...I'm surprised.I became involved in rectifying a situation that arose here in U.K. over zakk wylde so I know it can get serious...usualy for some poor dumb kid a long way away from the bums on ebay.

Jer said...

Hey Kurt..
Love the show. I also appreciate the comments occasionaly made regarding sobriety! 13 years-one day at a time!Anyway it is just a show, which I enjoy. With all due respect.. we have to remember that we live in the United states of America. The land of the free. Our constitution allows us to wear anything we want, this right also protects 1%ers. The SOA apparel phase will die out and this too shall pass. The longstanding 1% clubs have a long history and respect. They should not be threatened by SOA merchandise. It appears to me to be a non-issue. Some kid wearing a SOA top and bottom rocker should be laughable to them, hell they may even want to prospect with them someday thanks to the show and apparel. How many chopper shops have started since that one show!?!? I do appreciate the fact that you are pissed that people are selling knock offs from ebay, they are stealing and should be prosecuted, or atleast get their ass kicked! As I said I send my respect to the 1%ers who have stood the test of time. Instead of getting mad, try pullin' em' over and ask if they want to propspect for a real club! Kurt keep up the good work with the show, I did not know what I waa going to watch once the sheild ended, but you have filled that void perfectly! Thumbs up brother...

ddayhmc said...

Read your blog about Ebay, nice to see that FX is aware of the situation and has been respectful and mindful of the whole patch situation.
Would like to refer you to the below blog that has been posted on Myspace, ..bikerornot.
com.. and ..motorcycle-syndicate.
com.. sites to added to your already insightful opinion about how clubs out here feel about the non-FX products showing up.

I know for a fact that the FX legal department can send a letter to Ebay and have them stop any current or future merchandising of anything that is of a trademarked or copyrighted nature, we have done this on Ebay and myspace and stopped things of this nature from going on, and I believe the largest club in the world has done the same when it comes to their name or logo items showing up on Ebay.

I know there are many clothing and record company's that have reps go around to flee markets and other places that sell their knock off items and sieze the products. And I have seen stores like Renegades in Sacramento and vendors at the Easy Rider Shows selling these products.

I am sure that there are many SOA Fan clubs that would be more than willing, with a letter of permission/authorization in hand, to be an authorized represenatative for FX and go and sieze any and all items being marketed and sold which are not authorized products by Fox which are in violation of their SOA copyrights, logo and artwork.

..http://blogs. myspace. com/index. cfm?fuseaction=blog.

An ignorant public is exactly the purpose of the blog posting on different sites on the internet, to open up the awareness, so that eventually, "J.Random suburban Kid" becomes educated by other SOA fans and people who have read the blog, gotten educated and understand the issue, before they run across someone who will take exception and take their shirt. What is interesting is that if you go to the FX website store, they do not sell the T-Shirts with the full patch set on the back, it is opportunist who are making up the "Soft Colors" with the full set of colors. The FOX store shirts just have the center logo and "Supporter" on them but do not sell the full softcolors sets. These aftermarket manufacturers are aware of the motorcycle community and aware of how ignorant the general public is about buying the shirt. And what is a shame, is they are also fully aware of the consquences the wearer of these T-shirts might face, because on their Ebay sites and they place a disclaimer on the auction stating that the buyer should beware and wear at their own risk, which also leaves them open to liability issues. The SOA artwork, name and logo are copyrighted by FOX and if they fail to enforce their copyright and shut down the makers of these unauthorized T-shirts and patches, they are opening themseleves up to potential lawsuits from a consumer who wears the shirt or patch set and ends up getting injured in some way by that, which is exactly why, at the advice of their legal department and technical advisors to the show, that they probably don't make or sell "soft colors" like that or full vest patch sets. I can see the lawsuits coming, lets face it, if a woman can sue McDonald's for coffee being to "hot", then a beat up SOA T-shirt or SOA patch wearer is going to sue FOX for not "protecting" the consumer by not actively enforcing and going after aftermarket makers of patches and shirts using their name and logo from the show, not to mention Ebay and stores who allow the items to be sold. All of this has nothing to do with the T.V. program, whether it is good or bad, or even entertaining, it has to do with principle, and if someone is going to step into this world, by wearing certain clothes, whether they "think" it is "cool" or not, they either better know the rules ahead of time, or their going to learn the hard way real fast, and find out how "uncool" someone just might think their choice of clothing attire is. Just my opinion and friendly observation.

ddayhmc said...

From a "real" motorcycle club member sent to wearers of unauthorized of SOA Shirts (keep in mind everyone this was directed at the people out there buying shirts that are not FX authorized and making up myspace accounts to look like they are a SOA M/C Chapter) It gives everyone out there an idea of how a 1% club member feels and their prespective on why they feel like they do, which I know Keith Sutter has touched on;

I have been a member of my club for along time, I earned my patch, I paid my dues in blood, sweat and tears and everday I wear it, I continue to pay that price. Because of the three piece patch I wear, and my bottom rocker, I am scrutinized, discriminated against, harrased, looked down upon, scorned by an ignorant public, banned and refused service from businesses, restaurants and bars in the very community I grew up in as a child, and lived my whole life in, not because of my character or who I am as a man, but soley because of the clothes I wear.

I am "labeled", "catagorized", pulled over, suspected, detained, interrogated, searched, accused, guilty by association, persecuted and prosecuted, risking jail and prison time by being guilty until proven innocent for whatever an oppressive Law enforcement community, who is even more ignorant than the public and local business, decide on what they think I am guilty of based on my looks or associations. And I risk personal injury or even death by an assortment of possibilities, not including idiot "cage" drivers.

So forgive me, if I get a little irritated when I walk into a pub or bar, and I see some ignorant person wearing the SOA shirt (what we call "Soft colors" and it is displaying a 3 piece logo with a "State" bottom rocker), shooting pool or having a beer, walking around looking like they are more part of a local motorcycle "Chapter" than a "Fan Club". If it makes you SOA fans feel any better, it is the same irritation I feel when I see someone wearing Black Label Society clothes,but that's another irritation. Which is why I add "motorcycle" clubs and "real" club members to my myspace, not "Fan Clubs" and "Posers".

Bottom line is you create a myspace account, call yourselves the SOA whatever state or area chapter, buy a $10 dollar shirt, and walk around trying to fool the same "ignorant" public into thinking you are part of a motorcycle club that really exist, when it actually doesn't, and you do all that without having earned anything, lived the life, or have to pay the price on a daily basis. And your "safe" from the persecution and prosecution of Law Enforcement, because unlike the ignorant public, they know your just a guy wearing a $10 shirt of a T.V. program.

So go ahead, gather your chapter fans around the T.V. every Weds. night, wear your special clothes, your T.V. support wear, have some beers in the fridge and chips on the counter, and after the program is over sit around and talk about all the great exploits and things that happened during that episode and discuss what will happen in next week's episode and how real it was, and you once heard "this", or read "that" about "real" clubs, or your brother's sister's cousin once belonged to "this" club or "that" club and said they did this, that or the other thing just like in that episode.

Like the weekend warrior paint ball guy, that gets all dressed up in his camaflouge clothes, fantasizes he is in a real battle, with real guns, but never has to worry about being a real soldier, in a real war and actually getting shot, injured, bleed or die. After he gets done, he drives home to his nice house with the three car garage, wife and kids. Back to his nice safe and secure little world. Do all that shit, knock yourselves out!! Be an indoor wanna be.

BUT, if you myspace SOA guys are going to claim to be only a "FAN CLUB" and not meaning any disrespect to any "real" motorcycle clubs out here. Then be respectful, mean what you say, and in a noticable way put "Fan Club" on your fucking shirts and on your fukin "Poser" websites and myspace accounts instead of letting that shit ride with "MC" either written or IMPLIED, and wear your shirts at home on SOA night and don't disrespect the "real" three piece clubs out here by wearing your "poser" shit around, or while your riding your dad or brother-in-laws bike.

Just the opinion of one guy, from a one "real" club, who has recently started his own collection of SOA "Fan Club" Shirts.

sickofbullshiters said...

I've never seen so much crying around (about all the SOA crap being peddeled on ebay) by grown men who don't know shit about the real biker world.Sons of Anarchy is good for the sagging motorcycle biz,I only wish it was more realistic (or law enforcement was really that dumb) The show's producers must not be listening to their(hopefully outlaw)biker consultants or they may want to look for new ones. If you want more real bikers to watch, stop being politically correct (you know it's really NOT that way in this world);if you want real bikers to respect your show, you're gonna have to be legit and tell it the way it is,because we all know. Also, all the good people related to the show are making lots of money doing the same thing the little cockroaches on ebay are doing execpt on a bigger scale.Think about it & and be honest

indianacat aka lowecat on twitter said...

Mr. S.

I can't recall EVER seein' ya respond to a post reponse on yer blog as you did with Fred's. VWS.
Not that it had to BE said again, but VWS.

Yrs truly belongs to a number of internet message boards devoted to SOA. We've discussed this same issue on one of those boards mutliple times. The Prez/Vice Prez, and yrs truly have all expressed warnings that it's not a good idea to wear the bogus stuff that could warrant a serious ass beating from true 1%'s.

True, some of the stuff from FX makes me react with 'meh'. But, I did purchase the clip on key chain for my bike, Tig (the 1981 Yamaha Seca 750 that both thrills me and disappoints me from time to time), and a bandanna.

I've seen some of the stuff on Ebay related to SOA. Don't have to tell you that the watches, lighters, rings, t-shirts and the like are all mass produced overseas, where US rules/laws/regs have no application. Therefore, I can see them thumbing their collective noses at FX legal and Sutterink et al and rakin' the cash into their already bulging pockets.

The sad thing is that one of these days, some idiot is gonna buy a t shirt that looks like a cut, and is gonna get the pork pie up the ass treatment from a true 1%. Then that same idiot is gonna find an ambulance chaser and sue not the person who sold the shit to him, but you for writin' SOA in the first place. The whanker. (I hope to Gawd it doesn't happen, though).

It'd be nice if EBAY would shut these MF's down, but the problem is that EBAY is becomin' more interested in the high volume sellers than those who sell the leftover stuff from their yard sales every year. Since those international sellers generate a lot of traffic/business on EBAY, I doubt they're gonna do smack to stop 'em from exploiting you/SOA.

All you can do is what you're doin' now, Mr. S., which is gettin' the word out as the showrunner. Those of us who listen and have some grey matter that actually WORKS (intead of holdin' their ears apart) will do what we can to pass the word along (hence my retweet on twitter and reposting on my own FB page and gettin' the word out on the msg boards). Education is a part of the key to keepin' people safe.

HeatherMC13 said...

with the e-by scum still being a problem, how about writing a small scene in one of the episodes of the show having some yuppie being asked to hand over his wannabe rocker in a diner or something like that(it doesn't have to be to a Son,just someone in an official MC),show what could happen that you've been trying to warn the fans about

Twisted Shadow said...

For the time being, FX is getting (at the very least)free promotion of the Sons of Anarchy show. Not only did they not have to pay for it but the stupid, uneducated, greedy saps buying this crap are paying out the ass for "FAKE Shit". Wearing a cut you don't deserve could really lead to a ride to very remote area and then when you can walk again a long walk home. Once things reach an appropriate level a lot of people may be wishing they didn't buy that crap on E-bay, because when FX decides to drop the hammer they've got the money and lawyers to make a lot of people very, very poor real quick.

Anonymous said...

Grab some kleenex's & and a handful of midol - find something else to whine about - no one cares that much about this little show or the garbage on eBay.

big Daddy said...

Where would one report the offending sites? There is a local brick&mortar shop selling soa shirts, with the bottom rocker showing our state (Pa).