Friday, January 16, 2009


Got back into the writer's room for season two this week. Seven of us. I'm really excited about this crew of writers and the stories we are already brewing. Unlike last season, we actually get a little breathing room before we start shooting. Hopefully, a gun-to-my-head schedule wasn't the only thing that inspired good material in season one. We begin shooting the last week of April, but no air date for season two has been set. It will most likely air in early September, but that's subject to change. I'll keep folks posted, maybe upload some video of the writer's room.


Noelia said...

Im glad to read that Kurt, everyone or i must say we are all waiting for that :)

Thanks for keeping us updated !!!


Shawn said...

Keep up the good work Kurt!! Can't wait for season 2. September can't get here quick enough.

Later Bro,

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see some of the loose ends tied up. I have watched season 1 a few times and keep finding all these storys that are dieing to be told.
I hope they offer Season 1 on DVD SOA is a keeper and I defintely want to have a set.
Great job Kurt.
Mary Robinson

East Coast said...

I think I can safely say, as Well as writers and cast, The fans are excitingly anticipating the return of Sons. With such a riveting first season storyline, We all await season two to see what direction all of you decide to take the club.

Your brilliant and keep up the Great work


East Coast Al said...

I'm really excited about the upcoming season. I know there's many of us out there, with our dvr's on ready status awaiting the air dates! Keep up the great work and we look forward to another epic season !!


Unknown said...

Sweet, can't wait! Any news on DVD releases for SOA and The Shield?

I assume SOA S1 DVDs come out when S2 begins to air, but with The Shield over when can we expect those DVDs?

surrounded by carnivores said...

Look forward to seeing season 2. Nothing on TV as interesting as SOA. Thank you for the updates.

Unknown said...

That is most welcome news, Kurt. Glad to see an update here - I was starting to worry ;-)

Have a delicious day!

carlitomachete said...

A long time ago in a galaxy right around Times Square, the crew and I pitched --and sold-- a weekly animated hip-hop show to MTV.

After the hangover wore off the next morning, we filed into the office of the VP of Animation, shiny, new Uni Ball pens locked and loaded and ready to tag the dotted line.

"We already told you we love the show, but we've got even better news," said the VP, barely able to contain his giddiness.

Jackpot, baby! said my very Hollywood-savvy Muse.

"We think the show's so fuckin' haawt, we don't wanna go weekly. We wanna strip it daily!"

Windowed corner offices and a bevy of massage girls on call, said my inner agent.

The VP reached into his jacket, whipped out a shiny, new Glock and pointed it squarely at my topknot. "So you got exactly four months to get TWENTY EPISODES on the air!"

You wanted in? Now you're in, said my inner Corleone.


Brother, I feel your pain. Congrats on an excellent first season and the many doors it's sure to bust down.

(Including not having a gun to your head while a gang of directors, DPs and crew pace the set, itching for something, ANYTHING to shoot!)

Looking forward to Season 2.

Unknown said...

I can't fucking wait, season 2 won't come soon enough! Is there any chance you'll try to work in Michael Chiklis as a guest in one of the coming seasons, I think it would be great to see him coming down on SOA in some form.

Pointman said...

I really enjoy your style and I'm not placing expectations on Season 2 as Season 1 was so incredible- just do what you do.
I hope you and yours have a great Spring/Summer!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update! Season two of SOA can't get here soon enough!! The Shield is gone and Nip Tuck just doesn't do it for me anymore. -Jenn

Brubble said...

Looking forward to the next season!
I especially enjoyed the work of Ally Walker and Kim Coates.

Justin said...

You are the luckiest bloke on earth. Sooooooooo jealous...

Grats and godspeed sir! Please give us a look inside the room, it would be great.



Lakota said...

Wow,glad to see you and the other writing staff are back to work on SOA.Also happy to hear the "gun's" not to your head this season,september just can't get here fast enough,..LOL,..Winter has finally arrived here on the east coast,but the scoot is ready for the new year,I've finished all the video games I had stashed,and I have watched all the re-runs of SOA I downloaded,..Season 2 I am sure will be even more riviting than season 1 and will no-doubt tie up a few loose ends as well as open a new batch up.I hope we get to see a few flashback's into the formation of the Club with John Teller,and Piney,and I hope we get to see some more of Otto,.though he is probly in solitare since he whipped the atf bitch's ass,...LOL,.Continue the Great Writing and directing Kurt,
Respects ,
( if this comment is a duplicate of one you may have recievied earlier then just delete this one,..age and passwords dont mix,.lol,.)

Ktaylor said...

I was so glad to hear SOA was coming back. Can't wait. Keep up the good work.

Outsider said...

Gentlemen...Start Your Engines!!

michael froton said...

thats great need some SOA
I've had a really hard time with this site

susiehyde said...

thank goodness U exist and write such awesome stuff....and also thank goodness for the cast of SOA and FX xo susie

dadgadjohn said...

Looking forward to S2. I'm wondering how all of this is going to shake out.

Kaz_NEETS said...

Great news Kurt. Would love see some writer's room footage too.