Friday, November 07, 2008


Out From Under All That Big Hair Kevin Scanlon for The New York Times


Kaz_NEETS said...

Nice piece. And even greater to hear that Katey has risen above so much strife.

I've always liked Ms. Segal, but really respect the Mother lioness aspect she brings to Gemma. There's no denying who wears the originals in this family despite what Clay might want to think.

That's one wonderful person you're married to Kurt.

Thanks for sharing.

Hollywood Branding said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Katey. She is my favorite on SOA.

Beverly Nation
Hollywood Branding

Volalupi said...

I have always had such high regard for Katey and even more so these days. What an incredibly talented and inspiring woman she is. Much love and many good wishes to both of you.

Unknown said...

Katey is great. I love her role as Lady Macbeth/Gertrude in the rotten state of Charming :)

I don't mean to be a bother, but I'm a graduate student at Syracuse University, and I'm watching SOA for a critical perspectives course. I'm working on an auteur criticism, and I'd hate to just gather information about your work from the internet. I've read your posts about SOA and how it relates to the "American Dream", etc. Is this a theme you are interested in pursuing in the future, as well? I'm also interested in the different concepts and interpretations of justice you portray on the show.

Sorry if I just blew up your comments page! I'm sure you are extremely busy, but if there is any info you would like to throw my way, please email me:


Juley said...

It's been a long time since I read such a great interview.
I totallly agree with John Landgraf. All the articles I've read about SOA said that Gemma is very vicous, brutal, vulnerable...etc. But why do we love her so much then? Yes, it's because Katey has a warmth and integrity that makes us love her. She's so sweet of a person we cannot possibly don't like her.

About the concert time somebody will shout "YES, Gemma Teller!"
I don't understand people anyway. I would never say "Hey, look that's Peg Bundy walking on the street" Peggy was just a character. Katey is Katey, not Peggy.

Okay I should stop now 'cause I could go on forever.

Thanx for sharing, Kurt!

East Coast said...

Check this out Kurt,.. may be worth a read :

DejaDead13 said...

It's fantastic to see a woman of this age as such a well drawn and true to life character in a show like this. Katey is so believeable as the fierce protector of her family - as a 45yr old wife and mother myself I can really identify with her character (although I think I'm probably a little less scary!) - my teenaged son might tower over me be woe betide anyone who hurts him!!
The only annoying note in this article was the reference to the audience for the show being mainly men. Surely there are plenty of other women out there who can appreciate high quality writing, acting and directing - not to mention that Mr Hunnam isn't too hard on the eyes either.
Hope you keep writing amazing scenes for your wife Mr Sutter ... we can't wait to watch.

David said...

Of course Katey is hilarious as Peggy Bundy, and sweet and loving opposite John Ritter, and kick ass cool as Leela on Futurama, but Jemma is the best yet! What an amazing character, tough, rough, as sexy as all hell. The rare TV show my wife and I can't wait for, certainly the only one we watch the encore of each Saturday three days later. I dare say nothing on TV is as good as Sons.

Outsider said...

Katey is the Personification of Versatility and
so exquisitely Dangerous as Gemma...hmmm...
Maybe I'll check her out the next time she plays
the Plush Room in S.F.

Clayton Jones said...

Katey's always been a favorite of mine, and I especially love her on SOA. Great to see this interview, I'll be sure to sit down with it soon.

I have to say though Kurt, the reason I stopped by your blog is because I have to say- hearing Murder By Death in the opening to the episode last night blew my mind!! I loved when they used Mogwai on the Shield, but this was even better. The song fit the opening perfectly. I saw MDB at the Pontiac in Philly at least five years ago (they might have been called Little Joe Gould at the time actually) and have been hooked ever since.

Anyway, just wanted to point out that the great music used on the shows you work on doesn't go unnoticed! I'm absolutely loving SOA man, you and the rest of the crew have created something really special. Keep up the great work and the great blog, it's an interesting read.

michael froton said...

Hey Dawg,
You are a very lucky guy. You got Peggy the dream of every man from 13 to 90. Love her better as Gemma she is perfect for the roll of the Queen of cycle hoods.

Rachel M Cotton said...

Until I got your message to the SOA fans on Facebook, I had no idea that you were married to Katey. You are one lucky man.
The character she plays on SOA is truly amazing - she conveys so much strength and dedication, love and pride. I have a whole new respect for her as an actress. It's just amazing..
Thank you for your part in the creation and production of SOA - it is so real, and I LOVE that the women on the show are real - with weaknesses and imperfections - they are more beautiful because of these things.
Can I get a Hell Yeah?

ABATEJoe said...

Kurt, could you do us all a favor and have Gemma kill that ATF witch? Please, commmon, Opie is just a good ole boy, Never meaning no harm, (wait, different show) Ya can't kill Opie man. And Gemma, well, we all know she can pull it off. :-)

You know, Katey makes the show man, she's great. It cracks me up how she gets her way with Clay with a "love you baby". lol, Now when ever my wife says that, I have to follow it up with, "yea, that loves gonna kill me."

She is the Glue holding that show together, and doing it marvelously.

Kill off whoever ya want, but leave Gemma alone.

Unknown said...

Great article, Kurt. It didn't hurt that it was about a great actor. Katey is wonderful, especially as Gemma. As a middle-aged mother who has definitely walked on the wild side in this life I really relate to her. I was always that chick with the big balls, too.

There is someone who should be asked to do a guest spot on this show, perhaps as Gemma's sister, or maybe someone to take over the porn business: Susie Bright. She was on Six Feet Under and has done some other neat stuff, too. (And no, I don't work for her, but I did meet her once for about ten seconds.)

I just had the thought and wanted to share.

Anonymous said...

You Lucky Bastard !

Congrats Kurt, You are a Lucky Man !

Hope you and your family have a Wonderful Holiday

Love the Show and Thank You for Weds Nights at 10


Anonymous said...

Mr. Sutter,

Your wife gives a stellar performance in SoA. She scares the hell out of me. Sometimes I find myself cowering behind my blanky -- other times I seem to shout seriously inflammatory epithets at the screen. I've known my share of manipulative women; Gemma seems to capture the scariest yet most endearing traits. ;P Great job writing her.