Thursday, November 13, 2008


So as I've posted before, I'm a huge gamer. PC purist. I've got thousands of titles on my shelf. I got the new Call of Duty, World at War yesterday. Installed it, played it for about an hour, then caught the east coast feed of my show. The hour was sponsored by Activision's Call of Duty, World at War. I am my own target demo...


Unknown said...

Haha, nice! I had no idea you were a gamer. I've been spending the last week roaming the wastelands of Fallout 3 myself. I loved CoD 4, but I don't know how I feel about a return to WWII. Getting a liiiiiiiitle sick of the time period for FPSs. Is it a step back or just as good?

Thanks for the awesome show, Kurt. In a day and age where show runners seem to be jumping every shark they can get into the tank in a desperate attempt to keep their audiences, SoA is a breath of fresh air. Definitely the best new show of the year.

Excellent work!

East Coast said...

Funny,.. In my life, I seem to be my own Target. lol

Call of Duty is an all round great game with awesome graphics.

Unknown said...

I've never been very talented at war games, just gimme some weapons and let me wack at bad guys one on one.

At least this one isn't the one where you can direct all your characters by voice commands. That one I'd REALLY suck at.

"You guys, over there, go forward! No, the other guys, not you! And go the other way! Dammnit, I meant for you to stay put and now you're missing both arms. Shit."

Bo Sun said...

When I heard you were not only a gamer, but also a PC-centric one, your rep went from "awesome" to "out-of-this-freaking-world" in my book. Glad to see there are still proponents of PC gaming in what has turned largely into a capitalistic and diluted market of Ring-of-Death-Boxes, Pieces-of-Shit-3, and whatnot.

I'm currently enjoying the hell out of Left 4 Dead and realizing how long it has been since there was a good co-op experience.

SoA and PC Gaming forever!

Anonymous said...

Currently catching up on a glut of unplayed titles. Quantum of Solace, Dead Space, COD, Gears of War I, Stranglehold, and Fallout 3. Still have almost eight more to power through before the end of the year.

Bo Sun said...

Yeah, I can totally understand.

I get that it's the holiday season and publishers want to be competitive for sales, but it's just starting to get ridiculous how publishers flood the market with all these games after a summer of drought, especially when it's an extremely busy time of the year for most people.

BTW, save up a good chunk of time for Fallout 3. Like an expensive wine, it's an experience best savored instead of blasted through.

Good luck on the SoA ratings this week and for the finale.

Justin said...

PC gaming for life, son!

Still soldiering through COD: WaW, just finished Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2.

I've been playing COD online and the it's been brutal - the best of the best from COD 4 just switched over and are now rolling me 24/7 on Capture the Flag.

Fallout 3 was amazing - I got to talk to Pete Hintes at PAX in Seattle this year and he said Bethesda was already working on DLC for early next year.

I'd love some new GNR songs - I can only listen to the same six songs in a row before I want to jump into radioactive sewage.

Justin said...

I don't know if this has come up on your radar or if you are even into Grand Theft Auto, but check this out:

Basically GTA: MC

Looks interesting. The screens really don't show much, but it looks interesting.

It's going to be DLC for the Xbox 360. Hopefully they'll consider releasing it on STEAM.

Unknown said...

I'm a huge PC gamer, I'm thinking about naming my upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Guild, "Sons of Anarchy"

Ruv Draba said...

I've been playing CoD:WaW concurrently with Team Fortress 2 and Age of Conan. I prefer CoD:WaW to CoD3 - they've given it a more visceral feel.

Your own target demo. :)

Justin said...

So the new GTA DLC is coming, here's the movie:

They had a bloke in there named Clay, made me smile a bit. Looks as if SoA has made an impression on Dan Houser.