Saturday, September 06, 2008


For the record, Sons of Anarchy is pure fiction. Pure fucking fiction. The characters, the club, the world, the mythology all sprung from the dark recesses of my twisted little imagination. The show is NOT based on any individual, any specific organization, any book, any article, or any pitch. Any similarities (and I don't know of any) to anyone or any group is unintentional and purely coincidental. I do have two technical advisers who are outlaw bikers. Thier affiliations are confidential and no business of mine or anyone elses. They are not posers, or TV bikers or bullshit Harley enthusiasts. They haven't written tell-all books or worked in Hollywood before. They are the real deal. And I have enormous respect for them. But their influence is that of any other TA. They simply advise on the parameters of the world. That's it. The same way our LAPD TA advised on The Shield. I'm just a storyteller, kids. And it's a TV show. Sit back, crack open a beer and enjoy the fiction. Hopefully it'll be a good ride.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr. Sutter,

Just wanted to say I enjoyed the Sons of Anarchy pilot plenty (and even wrote a review of it, on my own blog), and I hope the show has much success, because it's really great. While you probably don't want me plugging my own blog on your site, I really dug the show.

Anton said...

Your the man Mr. Sutter, your one of my heros who is not scared to speak his creative mind, nothing but respect for you. I know you wont take any shit from anyone.

WindyJoe said...

While I am aware of your Tech advisors, I can not believe they advised you to portray a club president who sits around talking club business with his OL while in the sack. Your right, Pure fiction. As it seems that she is running the business, even more fiction.

My only concern is the general public, The one's that can't tell a 3 piece club from some HOG chapter, The kind of folks that will think anyone looking even remotely like these guys are criminal and up to no good.

70% of the people in my ABATE chapter look like these guys, we are fighting hard for biker rights. Then along comes this show, and the general public who really knows nothing of bikers can now tune in and form an opinion on what we are about. Right or wrong, it's what happens.

Lot's of folks, in fact, most of the bikers I know are less than thrilled about the show in general, and what they have seen thus far. Looks like a huge black eye for the biker community coming up.

Outsider said...'s about one percenters not
70 per centers...and Female Leadership
co-leadership isn't any less likely
than a Mafia Leader with Panic Attacks
on Prozac....Ala Tony in the Sopranos...
Who leans on a Female Shrink for Guidance

In other Words ...It Could Happen...and it Works
If the Woman is Strong Enough and
Tough Enough

Though Clay seems Plenty Tough as well

David Rosiak said...

Aw, don’t sweat the folks who are taking this too seriously, Kurt. They’re completely missing the point. You’ve done a fine job here, and anyone who’s a fan of classic literature can recognize that it’s fiction clearly based on the work of the Bard himself. I particularly like how Jax’s discovery of his father’s manuscript acts as an updated parallel to Hamlet’s encounters with his father’s ghost; this will clearly affect Jax’s peace of mind as the series continues – he seems to be already having doubts as to the direction in which his uncle has taken the club. I only wonder how long it will be until he discovers that Gemma and Clay were responsible for his father’s death (or how long until Jax *believes* this to be the case) and takes matters into his own hands. Can we expect an insane-with-rage Jax by season’s end? Can we expect Tara to follow loosely in the shoes of Ophelia? (I hope not, as I’d like to see the wonderful Maggie Siff stay around for a long time) Can we expect two characters to function as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

You’ve created one hell of a compelling show here, and in the space of the pilot alone have given us well-developed characters and the seeds of an intriguing story arc. Looking forward to future eps, and especially looking forward to the arrival of Jay Karnes (one of the most underrated actors on television today). Those who are only focusing on aspects of realism or are put off by the bursts of violence seem are apparently oblivious to the fact that this is a character-based drama.

Good work! I’ll be watching tonight and every Wednesday in the future.

Anonymous said...

hey kurt,

i saw the show the other night and thought it was awesome. i came across your blog while trying to find a way to contact you, but it looks like a public forum is going to be the only way i can. if there are any funeral scenes or any characters pass away throughout the show, we would love to offer our hearse rig to the show. you can check it out at

all of our contact info is on there, or you can email me if youre interested at

just wanted to throw that out there. either way, i loved the show. hopefully it does well.


Anonymous said...

Great Epic Mr Sutter,

Damn the people like windyjoe. He seems out of touch with the biker world himself, the reality being that most folks in america knows that all bikers aren't people who live outside the laws. Nuff of that though. I just want to let you know that you got yet another fan of the show. In the three episodes so far I've truly enjoyed every minute of it. FX made a PERFECT choice with this series. I was and am a fan of the entire shield series. I watched sopranos and the wire also. Every episode. And FX did great with choosing SOA. Unlike hbo, who let me down after the sopranos and wire series ended, FX picked up a series that is just as captivating, gritty, and enjoyable as was the shield. I hope this show goes five or more seasons. Once again, great fucking show and keep up the good work.

gina8594inga said...

mr sutter your new series sons of anarchy is a hit in my book i love it. it's great and may i say very bad assed (if that's ok to say) ( big smile) i hope this series lasts for a long time and the pee ons out there that don't like the series F**k em they dont' know there A** from a whole in the ground this series has a pretty good fan base so far just keep listening to what the fans say and keep up the good work go kurt you rock!!!

gina8594inga said...

oh by the way kurt it's been a damn good ride so far. with SOA keep ridin' kid live to ride, ride to live ay?

Vision said...

Hey Mr. Sutter,

I love the Son's of Anarchy, as well as The Shield. The Shield is my absolute favorite, with The Sons growing on me quick.

I am also excited to say that my name is Kurt also, so I have a new found admiration of you.

That being said, I am also African American, and would very much appreciate it if you could write the remainder of your scripts without invoking the "N" word.

I know there is an element of folks in our society that still embrace the word, but as we move closer to having the first African-American President, one who I think you may support by your other blog entries, I think it is important to wipe that word out of the American psyche.

The only way to do that is to stop hearing it in our music, T.V. shows, comedy acts and movies. I have already begun a writing campaign to other prominent comedians and have been seeing a change. Even BET television has been removing or bleeping the word out of it's programming.

Aside from old Soprano reruns, your shows, mentioned in the above, are the only ones I can think of that are continuing to use it in scenes that don't seem to be that all relevant to the story other than to add color to the dialogue.

Hence, it's not necessary, and doesn't advance the story any more or less, than simply using "the Brothers".

I am not sure if you'll take this as a friendly suggestion from a fan, or take it personally but good luck with your career and I hope The Shield and The Sons do well.


Kurt W.

Unknown said...

Kurt W.: Are you on Oprah's payroll? The use of the 'N-word' will continue as long as its a part of society. Saying the writing of it into cable television perpetuates its use is like saying that SOA is keeping 81 in business. As a black guy, I’m sorry, ‘African-American’ (Why are you African before you’re American?), you may need to google what ’81’ means in relation to outlaw gangs. I’m black, I don’t like the use of nigger so casually, but come on.

The Real Kurt: Please please please, listen to your TAs about the bikes. Maybe we can overlook those goofy ass windshield spoiler things you have, but the mid controls on Clay’s Dyna? For all the length your team has gone to in order to keep the authenticity of the show, this sticks out like no tomorrow. Please!!!!

Keep up the amazing work, 1%ers everywhere applaud the show.