Thursday, September 04, 2008


All tracking data pointed to a very promising, potentially record-breaking premier number for Sons of Anarchy last night. FX's marketing department did an AMAZING job getting this show out there. The ads, the billboards, the rally presence. It was all top-notch. Unfortunately, the premier numbers were... let's call them "muted". No one could have predicted the force majeure event of the tabloid sensation, Sarah Palin. As my wife put it, "we got 9-11ed." It's sad and ironic that a show about a band of rebels who embrace the true spirit of freedom got shit on by "old white rehotoric". I do hope that people who did not watch the premier last night will show up for subsequent airings of the pilot and continue to watch the series. I have a greater hope that the people who watched the Palin speech didn't buy into the pageant smile and the obvious home-spun right-wing puppetry. It's a ticket playing to the dumbest common denominator. We're smarter than that. Aren't we? Forgive me for dropping liberal trou, but -- McCain is Bush. Obama is change.


Unknown said...

All the best shows have crap ratings! Just ask "Mad Men" and "Veronica Mars." It's practically a badge of honor. :) I'm sure it will grow anyway. Awesome pilot.


Anton said...

Im sure the word of mouth and the re-showings of S.O.A. will have people hooked.

Outsider said...

Quick ...Offer Sarah Palin' a Role on SAMCRO....
And let me at her....I'll show her family values ; )'
In my Double Wide and make her my
Bigamy Bride...Unfurlin' that Flag till
she sees stars n stripes forever....
I'll make her sing of The U.S./Americas
and The Iraq and Such As

pmb2 said...

Nice work on the show.. You beat me too it..!
I live in Frisco and two days ago the President of the Frisco Chapter HA's was shot and killed during a brawl by a rival gang member..

This is all too coincidental with the premise of your show and the timeliness of the shows debut....

email me back.. I have many stories to help bring truth and reality to this show to make it one of the best shows ever on TV....!

brady said...

I'm sure that if a ticker had run across the bottom of the screen announcing that there was dynamite sodomy going on on FX, plenty of bored/bewildered viewers would have instantly grabbed for their remotes.

Outsider said...

We needs to be (p)impalin' that
lil imp Palin ...put her out on the
Ho Stroll cause in this Race she's
a Ofay Troll ; P

Daniel said...

I watched and loved it. Great pilot. If you keep it up through the series, this will truly be a great show. I'm countin' on you.

Unknown said...

i gotta admit i dvr'ed the show, but i did NOT watch Palin's speech.

Really dug the show, looking forward to the next one.

BTW your wife did an amazing job, screw the people that said she was bad, she was both incredibly motherly and also menacing. Great work.


WindyJoe said...

pmb2, first off, his advisors are full patch serious people, as are many of the extras. I'm sure he has stories plenty to draw on.

A clubs President has been shot, and rather than sending condolences to the club and the mans family you would rather try and draw parallels to a tv show?

I think other than the headline news of it, that clubs president being shot is now in the realm of club business, not yours, ours, or food for internet fodder.

We will see after a month or so how the show plays out as far as repercussions in the biker world, already I have two friends, fairly normal bikers were refused service at a motel traveling this weekend, simply based on appearance. Sure, it happens, I'm expecting it to happen more.

All in the name of making a buck, who cares the damage it does.

rjsodaro said...

Dude, I watched the premiere of Sons, and it was a great show (I even watched it at least once more when it was re-broadcast. I’ve been telling everyone who will listen to watch your show (most of them who get cable already did).

And you are right about the RNC & Palin, they are no good for this country.

The Perfessor

Anonymous said...

i love SOA, however i don't agree with all the rantings about obama and mccain. what do they have to do with the show other thatn they both were on at the same time. don't turn it into a political thing just let it be what it is. an awesome show with a fucking hot cast. i myself like the show but don't want obama in office. i don't want to wear anything over my face. it's to damn pretty to hide. seriously keep it about the show and the casting and such. just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

How long will it take for people to learn that you don't mix business and politics? One less "right wing nut job" viewer of SOA after reading your blog post. Know your audience.