Friday, April 29, 2011


I hate fake.
I hate liars.
I hate douchebags who blow smoke up my ass.
I hate parasites who suck on the lifeblood of creative souls.
I hate anyone who tells me "this will change your life".
I hate my body.
I hate the fact that no one is brave any more.
I hate that fear is the greatest motivator.
I hate cancer.
I hate mortality.
I hate that I didn't stay in the hospital room to watch my mother die.
I hate sugar.
I hate scotch.
I hate rails of cocaine.
I hate clutter.

I love fantastic, over-the-top ideas.
I love big, imaginative storytellers.
I love compliments.
I love my agent.
I love extreme personalities. 
I love clothes.
I love tolerance.
I love to intimidate.
I love Diet Coke.
I love getting older.
I love my mother.
I love sugar.
I love scotch.
I love rails of cocaine.
I love messy.


Audrey said...

Wow ~ if each of us posted more like that, and less whining, hatred, gossip and bullshit, we might actually all get along and realize how much in common we have.

tomdog said...

one word for each fist

Unknown said...

I was with ya right up to the loving diet coke part. Yuk!

Unknown said...

Woof, no wonder I love SOA, with creativity such as this...

- Rabid Hoojib, from FB...

niimki said...

Yup. You are complicated alright. But then I guess that goes with the territory for creative genius and all. That is a compliment. Or smoke up your ass. You pick.

Doug Jefford said...

Cymbalta,...because depression hurts.

Merenwen said...

What are your feelings towards Coke Zero?

Unknown said...


Thank you for being real. I feel the older I get the more I have authority breathing down my neck telling me to mask or hide certain ideas and feelings in order to conform. I'm glad people like you are in the lime light and are able to shine on people such as myself who feel lost at moments in life.

I hate conformity. Thank you for reminding me it's okay to be real.

-Desiree Elyda

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

High five.
Highest possible five.

PinkJamie said...

I love this.

Urno Talbot said...

I get angry at the weakening of the human spirit, people aren't brave anymore at all. You can be 80 yrs old and getting mugged and assholes just act like they see nothing, hear noting, no one has balls to stand up for what is right.

Old Uncle Dave said...

Shitcan the psych meds. They're useless and possibly harmful. Some vigorous exercise in the morning and some high quality reefer in the evening will do more to alleviate depression than any bogus "cures" pushed by big pharma.

Unknown said...

Y'know, Tom T Hall did a song in the 70's called 'I Love'. Maybe the B Side was titled 'I Hate'?

Interesting that one can't exist without the other, and how easily the things we love can join the dark side.

For the record, I love Coke Zero, it takes more like Coke Classic without all the sugar. Course, I add sugar free vanilla or cherry or lemon syrup to it. YUM!

After Montgomery Scott talk about Scotch in each classic Star Trek episode, I couldn't wait to try it when the legal age caem. I hate scotch. BIG disappointment.

OK, back to the seriousness. You're not the only one on meds to keep things under control. You're not alone, friend.

And thanks for havin' the balls to share it.

jpage572007 said...

Yes your brilliant but only as complicated as the rest of us. I really think us humans as a whole are in some way all a little manic. The degree differs in each of us. Like really how can you reach at least 40 and not have baggage. If you don't have baggage you haven't lived life. For me it's a matter of whether or not you can deal with another's baggage. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...




Your the best keep on keeping and for crissakes kill off ethan zobel...zman sends

Aaliyah said...


Thanks for sharing the list. We have quite a few things in common. LOL.

Nicole said...

Agree with almost everything you said except the part about loving Scotch - nasty, nasty. Now, if you had said Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, then I'd be able to back you 100%! Oh well, 99% isn't too bad.

The randomness of your blogs & tweets absolutely cracks me up. You fucking rock, dude.

Unknown said...

Your poem makes me smile…! Reminds me of a unit I did in student teaching! If only more people wrote poems or how they feel or just for fun!

Unknown said...

You and me both buddy, heh. Amirite?

kainweb2021 said...

We have very few things in common (I hate Diet Coke!!!) the way I love my MC for many reasons...but most of all...'cause it's different from SOA.
The stereotype of the SOA fan probably think all MC are the same or similar to SOA but this is not.I'ts right to explain that...not here obviously hehe.

In any case...good job with's great.

Fabio from Italy

Cali said...

Thanks for such an awesome post. My love/hate list is pretty damned similar-- except for the scotch and diet Coke. Ick to both. I don't really drink alcohol anymore, either. Oddly, it's one of the few substances I've never fallen in love with.

As for the anti-depressants, do what you feel you need to, man. Don't let anybody make you feel wrong for using them. I needed them for a long time. When I started having nightmares that resembled the Gimp scene in Pulp Fiction in which MY SON was the victim I decided enough was enough.

I've mostly been OK since then, although I still have some days when I'm not sure why I'm still breathing and think about remedying that, but I don't. If I ever get to the point where it's more than a passing thought I'll go back on them, dreams be damned.

I can't wait for the new season! Good luck and keep on keepin' on, Kurt!

Amy said...

Hello Kurt,

Thank you for taking the time to give us all insight to the show, as well as to you and Katey. Just finally got on board watching SOA and I was blown away. Just thought you should know.

With regard to this post... I hate that I did watch my mother die as that pain will never go away... and I love diet coke too. I need blood in my Super Big Gulp stream!!

Take care and God bless your big heart.

Anonymous said...

Tell us how you really feel, Kurt.