Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I had the pleasure of working with Paris Barclay on two of my episodes of The Shield, "Scar Tissue" and "Grave". I had been a fan of his work on NYPD Blue and West Wing.  I found him to be an extraordinarily gifted director and a pretty great human being.  He was on my short list of directors when SOA got picked up to series.  After his thoughtful and deft execution of "Balm" last season, I approached Paris about taking a permanent position on Sons.  I wanted him to be my directing producer, a role that the late, great Scott Brazil handled on The Shield. Most shows have directing producers. They are essentially the director-in-residence. He or she directs a lion's share of the episodes, oversees production and acts as a interface between the writers and the cast and crew. I never hired anyone else because there was no one other than Paris I trusted handling the position. Paris was intrigued by the offer. He loves the show, loves the world and bonded with the cast and crew. But ultimately, Paris was more committed to In Treatment, a show he helped launch as a directing producer.

I'm not a quitter.  We approached Paris again a few months back and I am happy to say that he has decided to leave the couch and jump on a Harley. Mr. Barclay will join us for season four of Sons of Anarchy.

I want to thank my partners at FX, Fox 21 and 20th for making this happen.


kalipornia said...

love his work on the west wing. love that you love him. hooray for season 4.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Kurt. I liked the direction in "Patch Over", one of the best in season one. Great news to hear of a forth season. Season three has been a hell of ride so far.

Take care brother.

Big Evil.

Unknown said...

I am so glad we will be having a 4th season of SoA! I need my fix! I love the way it's written and hope you get to express more than cut back like you said in your last blog "I have it all and hate it all!"

Thanks for the show!!

Chris Fried said...

Well Paris can do no worse than this season. Season 3 of SOA saw the show jump a thousand sharks.

What was once one of the best shows on television became a lame soap opera with a major dose of Jerry Springer.

You should be ashamed for how this season was planned out.

tim said...

Very cool and happy thanksgiving kurt. You have a ton to be greatful for. I am greatful for 7 years of sobriety tomorow, a great family and job and a truly rockin show every tuesday night. Thanks for SOA!!!

Unknown said...

Love the show, and thanks for puting your heart into something and sharing it with us.

I just watched Johnny Cash's God's Gonna Cut You Down video and I couldn't help but think of SOA. IMO, this would be a great song to have playing when Clay finally goes down and Jaks finds out what really happened to his old man.

Hang tough

Unknown said...

Thanks Kurt,
Paris's work has been great wherever he's been, but to me, more importantly, is your willingness to allow another to have a hand on the reins as well. This season has been exceptional at providing backstory without ever deliberately and intentionally going to old tried and true flashback trick, and has given the club it's third and fourth dimensions; outside Charming, and a look back in time by seeing what the present results of those past actions and decisions were.
The hallmark of The West Wing and The Shield both were their consistency in character, story and tone. I'm under the assumption that Paris had a hand in that, and that his history with you on The Shield will allow him to continue to keep the same emotional tones and multiple undercurrents that drive SOA.
One particular note; kudos to Katey and Dayton for a wonderful scene, and hats off to the completely berserk scene between Kim and Kenny, which would have not have been complete without Kenny's heartfelt, tearful "I loved her too", and set up the picture of the dog that much more.

lowecat said...

Well, Chris is entitled to his opinion. He is in the minority.

I enjoyed this foray into the backstory of SAMCRO, it made SAMBEL more of a reality because we saw them and got to know them a little better.

Soap opera? Well, hell, what ISN'T a frackin' soap opera these days? Even Life can be an episode of Jerry Springer meets Love of Life for frack's sake!

There was a lot to take in this season, and I say it was well done, and that's MY opinion.

Unknown said...

Love Paris, his work on SOA and over the course of his career has been brilliant. I look forward to this collaboration and it gives me great hope for season 4.

lucinda1118 said...

I am writing this here because it's the best shot that you will actually read it, and also because of the backlash I may get if I posted it elsewhere. On your facebook, twitter, and many other sites online, SOA fans are going ballistic over Justin Biebers wardrobe. He is 16. Hundreds of people are talking about killing him, torturing him, and using homophobic slurs all over your page. To post this comment, I read your words above that say "BUT I WILL NOT POST ANYTHING DRIPPING IN HATE, IGNORANCE OR RACISM." Yet that is all that is being said by fans of yours. Imagine how you would have felt, how your kids would feel, if those hateful words and rants were directed at you. You and I both know that this kid had no say in what he wore on stage, and your drawing attention to it the way you did, made him a target of absolute hate. Hate that I truly don't think you intended. Please, as a parent, as a human, try to make this right. He is a child.

tim said...

"Why do I keep fuckin up" -neil young.

holymotherofgod said...

Cannot wait for the finale tonite. So glad the saga continues. Best program I have been hooked on - better than LOST and Prison Break which I'd previously been a fan of. But SOA now has a firm grip on me. Much continued success to you and all involved in the project.

johnny said...

Holy fuck! That's goin out with a bang. Otto, Sonny Barger, Stahl's brains on the windshield, and some nice shots of Tara's cleavage. What else could a Guy ask for.

Unknown said...

Hi Kurt!

I just wanted to tell you that you are AMAZING!
Thank you so much for keeping us in stitches in all the twists and exciting moments throughout Sept-Nov.! I can't believe it's over already... Katey does SUCH A GOOD JOB!!! And your writing totally rocks... really haven't seen any other show that has captured so much authentic type footage! For the actors not to actually be the bikers they portray they do a GREAT Job!! Anyway, I'll be sitting at the edge of my seat all the way 'til next September! Can't Wait... Cuz I like the way you Roll!
"My... My... Hey... Hey! SOA is Here to Stay"!!!
Forever Fan, DEVO :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing finale! I'd been racking my brain and coming up with dozens of ways the season would turn out, but the actual ending never crossed my mind. Because of the type of show it is, SOA doesn't have great "re-watchability" - but I re-watched the finale twice today. I wish it weren't such a long wait between seasons but I await anxiously and will be especially intrigued if season 4 centers on the club's day to day in prison. Hopefully SOA is here to stay for a long time, job well done!

fetisha said...

Where can I find some Pics of Kurt´s Tattoo´s??? They looking really great

Anonymous said...

Is there a faker on Twitter, or did you come back? Someone is posting as you, it seemed fake to me.