Friday, July 09, 2010


So my response to the Emmy's has somehow been spun into an angry rant.  I don't know, maybe it was.  But you should have seen the one I deleted.  Anyway, for those of you who only read the snippets pirated by some of the showbiz-rag-blogs, I want to assure you that no disrespect was pointed at any of the nominees.  As I have said many times in this blog, I am a huge Glee and Madmen fan.  I was one of the flock who voted for them.  And I regret my frustrated comment about Mariska.  She is a fine actress on a very popular show.  It was just hard to contain my frustration about Katey.  She's my wife and best friend and I was pissed and hurt that she was overlooked.

The bigger issue is this -- I've realized that I've carved out an unintentional niche for myself.  I'm the hot-headed, irrational, arrogant showrunner.  I'm becoming to the blogosphere what Sean Penn was to photographers in the 80's.  Provoke, stand back and watch the fireworks.  As we all know, bloggers earn their coin by gathering "hits" at their sites, and like the tabloids, the more sensational the headline, the more money they make.   

It's clear that my instantaneous and forthright approach to blogging is being spit back in my face.  I guess it's the blessing and curse of notoriety.  This mea culpa will probably be spun into something ugly as well.  I'm not certain what the solution is or how I'm going to navigate around this problem.  I don't give a shit who/how many people read my blog.  It's not a pay site, I have no ads, I make no money.  It's always been just a creative outlet and a tool to keep fans informed about my show.  I'd probably be better off pulling the plug before I get myself into deeper shit.  It seems I've already alienated a chunk of Hollywood... or at least the members of the Television Academy.

I won't be taking any comments to this post.  I'm not looking for attaboys or suggestions.  I'm gonna pull back, reassess and figure out the right thing to do... for a change. 

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