Monday, May 31, 2010


I know I'm thick into the season when I look at my blog and realize I haven't posted in weeks.  Twitter is spoiling me.  It's the lazy man's blog.  So I'd figure I'd drop an update.  

We just locked picture on 301 and everyone is very excited.  Directed by "Shield" alum, Stephen Kay, the network had very few notes -- which is a good sign.  The season picks up a few days after the season two finale and the episode is about Jax's emotional journey through the devastation of losing a child. 

It's so interesting for me as a writer to explore these emotional avenues now being a father myself.  I wrote a script years ago called Delivering Gen which was all about a man's inability to be a father.  I remember some parental watch group read the script and pointed out to me and my agent, Nicole Clemens, who was also single at the time, that the baby in the movie is in life-threatening peril more than a dozen times.  Our response was, "Really?"  We were a little detached.  But now that I'm a father, those scenes, those moments are much harder to write.  And hopefully, deeper.  

I watched Edge of Darkness over the weekend and while Mel was hunting down his daughter's killers, I was listening to Esme' coughing over the baby monitor.  She has a cold.  I kept pausing the movie, then running up to her room to make sure she was okay.  It was a weird interactive experience.  But now I know whenever I do write those father revenge scenes, they won't just be fantasy.  I know in my gut, that I'd cut someone's fucking heart out if they ever threatened my kids.  Truly, without pause.  I'd kill with a clear conscience.  

Wow.  As usual, I've taken a left turn down Dark Drive.  So about that update -- 302, directed by another "Shield" alum, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, came out great.  I will say there's a scene near the end that rivals the tattoo removal sequence in season one.  It makes me giggle.  I haven't seen 303 yet.  That too, directed by a "Shield" alum, Billy Gierhart.  Looking forward to seeing Stephen King in that one.  304 is being shot by one of my favorite directors, and another "Shield" director, Guy Ferland (do you see a pattern?).  305 is being prepped, Gwyneth is helming that one as well.  306 is written.  And I'm avoiding writing 307 at this very moment.  It's due a week from today.

I tweeted about the new line of merchandise that will be coming out very soon.  It's very hip.  I think folks are really gonna dig it.  We're in the process of putting together some kind of music tour with Bob Thiele and the Forest Rangers.  The iPhone app is moving forward, as is the game.  Oh, and we're gonna be auctioning off a custom SOA Harley for charity.  More on that in the next couple weeks.

I think that's it.  Back to Charming.


Unknown said...

thanku for the awsome writing that u do. i look forward to anything and everything that u write thanku again, jenn

Trevor Chapman said...

I think you should include BRMC in the music tour as you used them in the very first episode and the fact that they fucking rock a live show like nobody's business.

Anonymous said...

Just found out I'll be a dad for the third time, a full 14 years after the last time. God bless the feeling. As always, Kurt, thank you for sharing...and thank you for birthing the best show on television. ~Scott

Anonymous said...

It seems like things are moving along so quickly now that the ball is rolling.
I used to write short stories about being a parent before I became one myself. And now that I am one, I look at what I wrote before and have one of those dry sort of laughs at how detached I was.
I can't wait to see what you've done with season 3. I know that, as a mother myself, I cried even after 2's finale was over. I know s3 is going to be gut wrenching, but I'm going to love every minute of it.
Also very excited to see what's making you giggle that would rival the tattoo removal. Gloriously twisted.
Thanks for keeping us all updated. And I hope that Esme' gets over her cold soon. Every out of place noise on that baby monitor used to get me running, so I empathize.
Lots of love <3

Tara said...

Thanks for the info/update on SOA. I just started watching it last week when my husband borrowed the dvd's from a friend and we finished season 2 last night (we were staying up til 4 in the morning b/c we wanted to see what happened!). I've been a fan of Ron (he is an amazing and underrated actor!) and Katey (she had me at "Al!") for years and it's wonderful to see them working together. Also, imagine my surprise and delight to find out that one of my favorite characters, Otto, was none other than Kurt Sutter himself!

The writing for SOA is impressive as is the acting and the characters are people that I want to root for, no matter what choices they make. Though I'm not one who usually writes to writers/creators/actors of shows that I enjoy, I was so impressed with SOA that I wanted to write and say thanks to everyone on the show for the wonderful writing, directing, acting, etc.

Also, I think its okay to go to the dark side when writing about something as near and dear to your heart as your children. I would rip someone's arm off and beat them to death with it if they messed with my kids. ;-)

Tom Farley said...

Thanks for the update, Kurt! It only makes me want the season to start even more.

I do believe every half-decent parent would do anything to protect his or her children. You've just thought about how it might go down with a more detail than the rest of us. ;-)

Tony Adame said...

This show is about to take over the television world -- keep up the great work. We're all rooting for you and the crew.

Now go do the damn thing.


Anonymous said...

Please get back to work on 307. Thanks.

michele said...

Thanks for the update! Can not wait for Season 3 premier. Anxiously awaiting Season 2 DVD release. Have been on the waiting list at Amazaon.Com for months. Thanks for the great show and keep up the good work.

Todd Wolfe said...

K, you might have read my Tweets about becoming a dad this coming July. Needless to say, I identify with this blog wholly and deeply. 'Nuff said. Thank you for such interesting blogs and my best to your family this holiday weekend and onwards.

indianacat said...

Again, Mr. Sutter, no apologies necessary for not bloggin' as often as others may think you should. The fact that you choose to blog AT ALL about what's goin' on makes my little fan heart twitter. (And yes, I do read yer tweets quite often, thanks for the times you've responsded @ me!).

Wow. I am impressed that you've given us a taste of what to expect with the first ep! Most producers would hold it close to the chest and not let it out. I can only imagine the path that Jax will take in dealing with Abel's abduction; the creative thinker in me, y'know.

I think it's great that you're trustin' people you've worked with on The Sheild to helm/direct SOA S3 shows. And 307's storyline will come to you. I have faith in your abilities as weriter/creator.

Wow. Sharing your thoughts with us as a parent. I think any parent worth their salt would do anything to protect their kids. Some might not kill, but the parental protective instinct is not just limited to the female birth giver (though moms can be fiercely protective of their cubs, biped or four footed). Fasincinating cmparison to your DG days and now where parenthood is concerned. I grok.

Roll on Season 3, and thanks for thinkin' enough of us to give us a peek. Can't wait for the new merchandise, enjoyin' my keychain for my bike.

suzankar45 said...

Thanks for the update Kurt-sounds awesome. Here's hoping that that the app and merch will be universal and not just US(I'm in Canada).All the best to you and yours.

J.B. said...

Thanks for the update! Just waiting to be glued to my set every Tuesday night!!

Jennifer Cavish said...

I accidentally found SOA on one of the nights I couldn't sleep. (I later found out it Season 1, Episode 2) and I was hooked immediately!!! I found that the FX network was re-airing season 1 in preparation for season 2 and I HAD TO GET CAUGHT UP!!! But, I'm the type of person that won't sit down & watch a movie if I've missed even 5 minutes of it. I have to see the whole thing!
So, I set out on a quest to rent Season 1 from my local video store, only to find it came in something like 5 discs with only 2-3 episodes each & I'd accidentally rented the 2nd disc. GRRRR!!! When I went back to them, they didn't have the 1st disc and so I literally had to drive around to 4 different video stores to rent the whole season! (I know, I should have just bought it)
My husband rarely watches any TV, unless it's The Discovery Channel or The History Channel, but I MADE HIM WATCH THESE WITH ME! He loved it as well, & being that season 2 was starting in less than a week ahead, we spent a couple of very late nights up watching back to back episodes to be caught up in time. The late nights up, cuddled together in bed were really nice too :)
Season 2 did not disappoint! I'm a little crazy over this show and I'd watch it's encore presentation EVERY time!
Now, I love to read anything you have to write about, especially SOA.
I'm soo looking forward to the next season... life has been a bit boring without it and we would LOVE to see MORE episodes and the seasons CLOSER together!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're really enjoying the process. Keep up the great work homie and see ya out there soon.

Becky said...

"I will say there's a scene near the end that rivals the tattoo removal sequence in season one. It makes me giggle."

Ahahaha! I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to season 3. Now go write 307. Or procrastinate some more. Whatever. You'll probably feel more inspired when the deadline is mere hours away... ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the trailer for
Season 3, when it comes later this

Never Too Busy said...

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to Season 3 more and more each day.

Jess Harel said...

Thanks Kurt, it will take a long time before we can watch season3 in france, and as won't wait, ill suscribe to the right channel bouquet again when it's arriving !
Wow and Stephen King, Im a huge S King fan !!!!
Ready for the Rangers too, Kurt all this sound awesome !!!!

Can you tell more about the game Kurt, my son asked me a couple of weeks ago if there was going to be a game ... Thanks

Jess Harel

Anonymous said...

There's scene near the end that "rivals the tattoo removal sequence" and IT MAKES YOU GIGGLE??


To quote yourself, what kind of nasty shit did your mama do to you?

Love the update, can't wait for the new season or for the S2 DVD release.

Anonymous said...

Good damn show.. but I'm out. You had me until the boy was taken.. that episode came off like a soap. My baby boy is doing great but I can't watch shit like this... makes me paranoid.

Unknown said...

Again, I greatly appreciate you giving insight and updates like you do- here, on Facebook, and Twitter.
I have never been so involved in a series like SOA.
Knowing your challenges, passions, likes, and dislikes immerses me in the process of it's creation and makes for sort of an interactive experience unlike nothing I've done before.
I'm enjoying the ride~

JW Doom said...

I saw a SOA hoodie here in Portland a while ago and I thought: Shouldn't SOA gear for purchase say "Prospect"? Since one can't buy their way into an OMC, y'know?

It would make crew and friend of show gear mean more. And if someone doesn't wanna claim prospect, eff 'em, right?

Aaliyah said...


I hear you about twitter. I've been a little lazy myself in writing my own blog.

I'm glad to hear season three is making strong progress. Your blog was insightful, but it normally is. I'm so ready for season three. I know you are going to take viewers down a dramatic road. The waiting is the hard part.

Casey H. said...

Thanks for the sounds like you killed Abel off...that breaks my heart.

clanning said...

Hey Kurt,

First of all, sorry for you loss last month. I'm not in your shoes yet, but my day will come -- and I'm not looking forward to it.

On to business.

As a fellow screenwriter, I want to thank you for your frank delivery of life on your end of the wire. However, it dawned on me recently, after following your blog for a couple of months, that I really don't agree with most of your posts. Sure, it's entertaining and you're an absorbing writer, but holy shit it's intense and raw. Thanks for that. I mean, you've made me realize that I have to write from that place that puts everything on the line. To just say what I mean rather than what I think other want. To just do it my way. Write it down or write nothing.



Ari said...

I've never seen a stitch of your work, but YOU CAN FUCKING WRITE.


Christine Davis said...

I am so excited to be on this site. I love YOU Kurt, your writing is awesome. Sons is the best damn show on t.v. and Jax oh God soooo hot, I can not wait to watch the 3rd season. I love you, to the whole cast of SAMCRO

Unknown said...

I love Sons of Anarchy and have watched it from the very beginning. Even as I write this now, I feel pangs of excitement and eager anticipation for the upcoming season. Funny how a white girl from suburbia can feel such a connection with a show based on the inner dealings of a motorcycle gang with a dark and criminal past. I am incredibly drawn to Jax and can become so engrossed in the show that my husband isn't even allowed to speak in my general direction during the hour its playing on my TV screen. However, I find it quite sad that if a scenario played out in real life that I was placed in the same vicinity of someone like Jax I probably wouldn't even be able to look him in the eye out of sheer fear and intimidation (plus lets be honest here, a tad bit of disgust.) It just goes to show there is a common thread that links all of us--it's the vulnerability that comes from the raw intensity of human emotion and no matter what our background, we can at LEAST share in the experiences of that.

Your show always puts things in perspective for me, and I continually appreciate your thoughts on SOA and human nature in general.

Outsider said...

the network gives notes....what do they know?
i hate that reporting to the network's like
having a high school principal from the 60's
being able to censor henry miller

Anonymous said...

We need more Otto!

And not because of you, sir. Don't flatter yourself.
Well, maybe because of you, too, but mainly cause he's fucking badass.

And i just wanna say, other than the show being great, kudos for giving a chance to some great bands to be heard. Don't know if the music part has anything to do with you, either way, it's another brilliant aspect to the whole thing. Can't even imagine how it is to get to put all this together, but i get to watch 50 minutes of pure awesomeness, and thank you.

Yes, i'm a suck-up, but i don't give a shit.

you may notice some bad english there.
Did my best. i'm really really far from usa.

honeybutt said...

hi, how are you doing, my name is kim i am from amherst, nova scotia, my boyfriend and i have just finished watching season 1 and 2, omg, man am i impressed, i think along with spartacus blood and sand sons of anarchy is the best series i have ever seen hands down. my boyfriend and i watched about 5 episodes a night by the end of the night we were all bleary eyed and zombiefied and couldnt wait until the next night to watch some more, id be forcing my eyes open but saying just one more than bed okay, lol. so after we watched the last episode i ran right in to the computer to find out when the third season started , well shit having to wait until september to see it is like having to wait until christmas to see santa claus, just not acceptable, but i quess there is no other option. so i hope you dont drop dead or anything, stephen king almost gave me a heart attack when he pulled that trick a few years ago, lol, by the way cant wait to see my favorite author of all time in season 3. well gotta go i gotta house i have to start cleaning , life cant be all fun and games.

tim said...

The definition of insanity: repeating the same thing twice and expecting different results. Soa laid a solid foundation with episode one and continues to grow in an original direction rather than treading water like so many other failed series. Pushing the limits is pointless unless it is relevant to the reality of the story. Soa is the one show that makes me rush home from a meeting and turn on the tv!! Keep coming back kurt

therealzenobia said...

Note for Thiele tour: Kuncklehead in Kanss City has to be the firs stop! Our only legit music venue is a biker bar.

Meanwhile: Y'all should look at Joe Ely for a cover. Maybe acting. Remember the casting folks saying they'd be shocked if Andre Benjamin sucked? Same kind of guy.

Anonymous said...

dame i cant wait 4 season 3 cum on all ready

Ben said...

Just saw a sick quick commercial for the third season and it got me excited. Check out Alexisonfire's song "The Northern". It reminded me of SOA when I heard it immediately. It's just got that kind of a feel to it; can't really describe what it is.