Friday, December 11, 2009


I know I have no business commenting on anything sports related.  I'm athletic, but not a sports fan. I don't follow nor have any insight into amateur or professional sports.  The only golf I've ever played involved navigating a brightly-colored ball around a windmill and a dancing giraffe.  And is golf really a sport?  In my opinion, it ain't a game unless you break a sweat.  And now that John Daly's dropped 100 pounds,  there's ne'er a drop of perspiration on the PGA tour.

Except for Tiger.  He's sweating.  Sweating badly.  I guess for some reason he thought he was above reproach and could peck and strut in plain sight without any backlash.  Interesting, and very karmic, that it was ultimately his own simple accident that blew the lid off the overstuffed bottle of cheat.  Clearly his behavior had reached a breaking point and all it needed was a crack in the beam.  And boy, did the bottom drop out.  For those of us who were completely in the dark, all the allegations seem almost unbelievable. Really?  Little Tiger Woods is a pimp?  Holy shit.  

Here's the thing.  Tiger deserves to be bitch-slapped, but not for cheating on his wife, for being stupid.  Let's get real, the only crime Tiger is guilty of is arrogance.  I'm not condoning adultery.  I'm a happily married man who has never cheated on my wife.  Not only because I love and respect her, but because I know if I was ever caught (and I would get caught... I'm a lousy liar) the damage to my family would be irreparable.  

But Tiger is not like me.  Tiger is not like any of you reading this.  Tiger is a billionaire who single-handedly revived the game of golf.  He's a sheik, sports royalty.  Look at the information that has come out about his prenuptials.  I know most prenups are dry, legal lines-in-the-sand, but Tiger and Elin's was not just about money, it was about obligation, timing, expectations, media exposure.  It was as much a talent contract as it was a nuptial document.  I'm sorry, and maybe this makes me a sexist, but women (or men)  who enter into these agreements are very aware of the parameters and rules.  I'm not saying there isn't some genuine feelings between Mr. and Mrs. Woods, clearly there must be.  But ultimately their union is a fucking legal contract.  Tiger breached the contract not because he was unfaithful, but because he was sloppy.  Porn stars, socialites, party whores -- Jesus Christ, Tiger, you'd think your buddies in the NBA would have given you better advice than that.  

But that's where the chastisement should end.  He fucked up, got caught, embarrassed his family -- he broke the deal.  That's why the contract was quickly amended and updated.  And he paid the penalty fees.  Deep, bloody penalty fees.  But this talk of Tiger being a fake and a fraud.  Really?  I don't know about you, but I never saw Tiger do a commercial for family values.  In fact, I find the guy incredibly distant and aloof.  It made perfect sense that he married a Scandinavian.  I have Norwegian relatives who can go months without smiling.  Oh, wait, that's me.  The point is, I never put Tiger up on any kind of moral pedestal.  He endorses golf shit.  Wasn't he just a role model to fat white guys?  Was he really a role model to kids?  Do kids really wanna grow up to be professional golfers?  If so, maybe seeing one go all super pimp might just be the kick in the ass they need to realize they should pursue a real sport.  Just saying...

And I'll finish with this sand trap (not even sure if that analogy makes sense), I think the reaction to Tiger is racist.  They are not giving him the benefit of the doubt they would give other superior athletes.  We were all shocked when Kobe got accused of rape a few years back, but somehow, because it was basketball - a sport dominated by African American men, that behavior was somehow less shocking or expected.  Especially if you read Wilt's autobiography.  Kobe apologized, bought his wife a thirty-pound diamond and we chalked it off to superstar behavior.  Kobe's endorsements barely sputtered and  soon it was all forgotten.  But golf is a white man's game.  A member's only club, run by old white money and too much gin.  Yes, it took a Black-Asian to reinvigorate the sport, but the PGA was willing to look past that cruel irony as long as pockets were getting lined.  And here's the real irony -- half the red-nosed putters in every exclusive fucking club in this country are diddling their secretaries, but heaven forbid it ever become public knowledge.  That would be wrong.  The PGA, as much as they need him, will demand assurances that their poster boy never stray from the straight white line again.  

Unfortunately Tiger isn't helping his cause any.  The only way to ward off the damage is to face it head on (Letterman).  But Tiger's shame, his painful introversion and the ghost of his father's disappointment has caused him to retreat.  He's not admitted anything, there's been no real contrition and now he's removed himself from the game.  His absence will just fuel the gossip fire.  I'm sure he'll come back, but unlike Kobe, I think the damage to his career, family and game will be irreparable.  

Man, I'm glad I hate golf.


Unknown said...

Good shit. Spot on. Thanks for that.

Unknown said...

Kurt, as always great prose!!! but i think he actually admitted his indiscretions today in a statement. I thought that is what i heard on the news today. thanks agian for your talent! said...

I can only speak for myself, but I'd be every bit as disgusted if Tiger was white. I take marriage seriously. Whether Tiger's a god in the sports world doesn't make it less horrible, and if his marriage was little more than business arrangement then the only thing that changes for me is that it makes me disgusted with his wife, too. What lesson will their kids take away from that sort of relationship? They're learning that marriage doesn't have to include respect as long as the number on the legal paperwork is high enough, and that's a shitty thing to teach a kid. It sets them up for a lonely, unhappy life in which they'll either use their lovers or get used by them. That sucks in every color.

Anonymous said...

I still think the funniest thing was when the info came out, apparently he told his friend he had to go to Zales and get his wife a "Kobe Special".

And speaking of funny, my girl told me the best Tiger joke I've heard yet. "Whats the difference between Santa Claus and Tiger Woods? Santa stops after 3 Ho's"

WI_Debi said...

I'm sorry maybe I'm the only person in the whole world but I really don't care about the state of Tiger Wood's marriage or any other personal information about anyone famous.

If I am impressed by your talent, be it sports, music, acting or writing *THAT'S* what I'm interested in. Did you reach the pinnacle of your particular talent by illicit or illegal means? Then I care.

If you're having personal problems, well, hey, welcome to the world, good luck with finding the answers you need.

Meanwhile, I'll go back to trying to juggle what's on my plate and hope you're wishing me well too.

Seriously people, wouldn't that energy be better spent trying to improve the lives of the people in your community than looking for the chinks in the armor of the rich & famous??

Happy Holidays~

UnHoly Diver said...

Dude, that's the most concise and honest thing I've read or heard about this whole situation. Too bad the people that get paid to talk and write about this kinda shit can't be as eloquent.

Anonymous said...

One of the first smart things I've read about this whole mess. I hope Tiger gets to read it.

Anonymous said...

only in America!

Denise Shelton said...

I think the fact that he cheated so soon after his marriage is telling. I actually do believe he loves his family. It's the Elvis syndrome "Whaterver the Boss wants, the Boss gets." Collateral damage is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Having worked in both Hollywood & sports, the only surprising thing about this story is that anyone is surprised. And I understand what you're saying. However, I disagree that he has to get out in front of it & do a big "Hugh Grant/Leno" style interview & make a public mea culpa. The only apologies he really owes are too his family. And they have always conducted themselves as very private people leading a life far away from the spotlight. We don't know what goes on behind closed doors, & (yes, adding to the speculation) I think there's a very real possibility that his wife feels completely humiliated & has made it clear to him she has no intention of playing this out for cameras like the dutiful political wives standing by their disgraced husband under the spotlights glare. Whether it's because he does want to salvage his family, wants to avoid the humiliation, or is trying to save a few million in alimony, I think there are plenty of good reasons for him to just drop off the radar for a while. It always feels like scandals like this are too huge not to be addressed, but hey, Camila's the future kings wife & Eddie Murphy's still working. Next week someone will get outed for doing something or someone & a month from now we'll all have moved on. At least I really hope so, because God am I sick of hearing about this. Oh, one last thing. Stop calling these women mistresses. I believe the proper term is groupie.

Cay said...

I couldn't agree more - I am sick to death of hearing about Tiger's wood.

The pressures on the Woods family right now must be unbelievable, and they had to have been extreme before. I agree, though, Tiger never was a poster child for doing anything but swinging a club at some balls (and there may lie a parallel in there somewhere...). Very few of us could tolerate the full on media searchlight in our most private of relationships. I'm not giving the guy a pass, but it's not my business.

Besides whenever something like this comes up I always think, "Hmmm, what is really going on in the world that they are using this as a smokescreen?"

Anonymous said...

"I don't know about you, but I never saw Tiger do a commercial for family values."

You just posted one of his commercials (or photos) for family values at the top of your post. That "commercial/photo" led to quite a successful commercial career outside the golf links.

I'm not saying you are wrong about a lot of what you have written, and I'm sure at some uncomfortable level in many of us there is racism involved. I'm just saying that he was projecting and controlling an image that was shattered just as well and fully the window in his car after the accident.

Doesn't mean I don't want to see him back on the golf course, cause I do---no denying excellence there.

PatD64 said...

Sorry Kurt,I'm not buying it,"Racist"?? No Way.Please,let's put Ethan Zobelle away for a few months shall we?

The reaction to Tigers "transgressions" are multi faceted,first,,,,We thought he was perfect,no one saw this coming,the pedestal for Tiger built courtesy of Gatorade,Buick and Calloway golf was reaching the stratosphere,It's a long,long way down now.

Second......I'ts feeding time in the deep blue sea for the schools of man eating Sharks known as the "The TMZ Media" They're gorging themselves now on a never ending meal,as soon as they're done with one carcass another porn star,professional party girl or borderline hooker comes downstream and the banquet begins once again!!

The only thing that will give Mr Transgression a break in this is when another Big story enters the water.......Remember Congressman Gary Condit and the Chandra Levy disappearence/affair,That was a HUGE feeding frenzy!! Do you remember the only thing that stopped it? Another big fish,one of the biggest......9/11/01

Tom Lundqvist said...

Why did it make perfect sense for him to marry a scandinavian? I'm asking simply because I'm from Scandinavia myself.
Do you see us as frigid or what?
Maybe I'm losing something in the translation.

Unknown said...

Kurt, I live in Orlando just a few miles away from the guys house, the media crap down here about the guy if deafening! As far as it being racist, I think it more because of his "goody two shoes" image being shattered because the billionaire golden child is not perfect. But as soon as blowhard like Rush Limbaugh chime in, that's your typical racist asshole bringing it into the argument. When someone brings up the race of the girls and asks "hmmm, no black girls", they are being racist assholes. Screw these guys. Most of the big deal with the general public seems to be about how many girls he has hooked up with, not the damage this is doing to this young mans new family. It's been a while since we had a good sex scandel, and now it's an attractive young man hooking up with attractive young women. I'm surprised it took a couple weeks for rumors of photo's and tapes to surface. I just can't wait for this to be over.

Susan Lindgren said...

I hate golf too.
I sense a rise in girls checking their men's cell phones and singular golf club purchases by women.
I am sure the golf club to the car was not just a one-time outburst, I am sure it was building up and his wife knew stuff was going on, the change? All of it was coming out. It is one thing to deal with this crap in private, it's a whole other game when you have to air it out for the world to see. The golf club was less for him cheating and more for it getting out.

Iberostar said...

I never looked at Tiger Woods expecting him to do anything but play golf. I don't understand golf, nor do I want to - seems a bit silly to me. Whatever transpired between him and his wife is really none of my business. I simply don't care. All this media attention takes away from the real problems we should be getting detailed information on - such as the buildup of troops in Afghanistan, global warming, the health bill amendment that takes away women's rights and the loss of work in this country.
And frankly, I'd have something to say to you if you ever made Katey cry.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Kurt you really hit the nail on the head here. well spoken and i can't wait for season 3. you have made this show an addiction

Anonymous said...

Heroes are never who we want them to be.

Great column, Kurt. I'm not sure about the racism part...but there's probably an element of that...and a dash of envy.

A few months without him in the sport, and all of those fat white guys, especially the ones that earn money from the sport, will be begging him to return. They'll be kissing his driver to get him back on the links, and nobody will care how many mulligans he takes.

Unknown said...

I was wondering if he actually hoped to do irreparable damage to his career and family. He was on The Tonight Show at the age of 4. He has always been set up as a 'role model', a 'golf prodigy'. Even someone like you who says they don't watch golf credits him with reinvigorating the sport. What happens when this prodigy wants to stop, but doesn't know how? Self destructive behavior, heading towards the inevitable crash and burn. Then maybe some freedom, away from expectation.

Big Henry said...

Great perspective. And I agree, his career will never be the same despite what the "experts" are spouting in the media given how far this has gone without a response. The other issue is the sheer volume and tawdriness of the events themselves.

The governer who had the fling you can sorta get, he's obviously not in love with his wife and had a mid life meltdown but it was over a single exotic woman/soul partner.

Have to *slightly* disagree on the family values dimension, you are right on the way he presents himself in the broadcast and print media but his website is all about the family and if you look at his Q&A he talks endlessly about his quiet family life.

Pointman said...

I guess it was the way I was raised not to idolize athletes, actors, public figures..etc.

My expectations are while they have special talents, they are human and will behave as such.

I think violating an oath or vow is a character issue and deals directly to the individual code of honor each of us lives by.

Every thought has a consequence, every action has an opposite reaction.

All of us make decisions every day that can wreck our lives or enrich them based on our specific talents and character.

I could easily hurt someone or not, but my "inner voice" helps me to make the best choice for that particular moment or situation and it's not based on a legal/punitive outcome- it lasts longer within me than a mere sentence or penalty.

I appreciate your thoughts on the subject of Tiger and it touches on the whole basic celebrity worship and public expectations for people in the spotlight that only want to do what they do, and stumble and fumble their way down the road of stardom with everyone watching.

The true test is how they will emerge at the end of the gauntlet and in the long run-but I won't be one of those watching.

Tiger needs a motorcycle.

"Sic Transit Gloria Mundi"

Gourmet Food Truck said...

Thanks for putting this in words. Lets move on and your right Golf ain't no fucking sport.

BSix said...

This illustrates something that I have been feeling for a while - news media is not about critical news any more - it seems to be just negative public interest stories.

Every single news outlet has extended coverage about Tiger - and these pop psychologists saying he must be a sex addict, yeah OK.

As you pointed out he is a superstar athlete. I would imagine that at least 50% of professional athletes cheat on their wives / girlfriends. So is this really frikin news that one of the most famous athletes in the world with over a BILLION dollars in total endorsements is hooking up with porn stars and other hot young females? It's not that he has to go looking it, there's enough trim that throw themselves at him.

What he did is wrong and is now paying the consequences at home. Can't we move on during Christmas to report on something more substancial?

Unknown said...

Very insightful, with an outsider looking in feel. And as one myself I agree with most of the content. But, I call bullshit on the reaction to Tiger's infidelities being racist.

Like you, I ain't a golf fan and if but the media hadn't played Tiger up from the very beginning of his career up I would known even less than I do about the "sport." But to the media and the general public, both black and white, he was something to look up to.

Tiger was the sports and regular news media darling. We were constantly and sentimentally reminded that the man was coached since the age seven or eight by his father, to be the best he could be in golf. Tiger succeeded. He was the golf rookie and pro of the century. We couldn't get away from it. Believe me, I tried.

I’ve worked on TV commercials, film and with Hip Hop music videos here in the ATL and I know black dudes who play golf and they love it. Strange, eh? I thought so too, but, dude, I mean, like, they dig rock too. They, like the fat white dudes (racist?), admired and went all goo-goo eyed at each and every one of Tiger's wins.

But currently, he is a disappointment to many, and the media and public attention and reaction given to his failures is way more than racist.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with drawing comparisons between the Kobe situation and the Tiger situation. Kobe was accused of committing a violent crime against a woman where Tiger had a traffic accident where no one but him was injured. (Additionally, Kobe's accuser was bullied and intimidated into withdrawing the charges.) This makes the two situations very different in my opinion.
Other than that, I'm just sick to death of hearing about everyone's personal crap. We've got the health care bill where we are getting sold down the river, the climate change conference where nothing is changing and finance committee bills that deserve much more media attention than the Springerish Tiger debacle. I'm not upset that you commented about the absurdity of the Tiger situation and I don't disagree with you (other than the above), I'm upset with the media. I'm tired of the media paying attention to stupid spectacles and not paying attention to the things that will impact us now and for decades to come!
Thanks for the chance to vent, sorry that some of it came at your expense!

The Mulkster said...

Racist? LOL....I think I just vommitted in my mouth a scant bit...that's such a cop-out. How much "benefit of doubt" should we give Tiger? When the list gets to 20? He made his bed and now he must lay in it. (No pun intended.) If this were David Beckam or Wayne Gretsky, there would be an equally lucid media storm and the public would be gobbling it up equally as fast. This has nothing at all to do with Racism and may have more to do with your hate of golf and elitist White-America...just sayin....

Urno Talbot said...

He did make a statement a while back about how he is proud to be a role model, I've seen it posted online since all this came out.Schadenfreude. You're correct that his choices to screw around with werent very discreet, but he wanted a whore not a mother for his children. The info on his not wearing a condom just shows how very arrogant he is, as if nothing could touch him, not an STD or HIV.
I'm sick of hearing about him and his stupidity.
Anyways how the hell are ya? If you do come to the city soon, it's cold but envigorating. I love it and since I run at a higher temp than most it works for me, natural hot flash fighter.
Katey's chat was so good, and she answered a couple of my questions too!

Patti said...

In my opinion. If it cost as much money to get married as it costs eventually to get divorced; not as many people would get married as quickly and "easily" as some do.

Unfortunetly, I see this same situation on a monthly if not more ofter basis. I got to 12 step meetings regularly. What I have learned is; if I think I have it bad that day, I go to a meeting and realize someone else has it far worse than I do.

Tiger did this all to himself. I have more respect for the person in the meetings owning there part in whatever; and in the people who are married who dont cheat; and who honor the vows they take.

Thanks for sharing your views

indianacat said...

I agree with you, that the whole golfing establishment's reaction to Tiger Woods' fall from grace is racist. For once, I'm not rolling my eyes over the term being brought up in public discourse.

I, too, take my marriage seriously, having been married 15 years to a very wonderful man who is my life, and who is not threatened by my interests in certain actors and their characters (Victor Newman/Eric Braden, Gerard Butler and all his roles, Kim Coates and all of his roles).

This whole thing about making a big deal about celebrities faux pas' is rediculous, IMO. They are people who happen to be notoroious for being suceessful at what they do, whether it's playing a game, acting, writing, singing, etc. That we, the mere mortals in society, CHOSE to put celebrities on a pedestal is our own fault, and we should not act all bent out of shape when our heroes slip and fall. Hell, all y'all put your pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us, so you should be able to have your slips without being oogled and judged.

Unfortunately, as long as there are people out there willing to put their pennies down for muckracking pieces of shit that aren't even worth lining the cat litter pan (or the birdcage), we're going to be innundated with the latest news on the most recent crash and burn.

If Tiger did indeed stray, that should have been between him and his wife. Not the public, not the PGA, not Gatorade (or whoever dropped him recently).

What the Hell ever happened to marriage being a contract by two people, anyway? Why should there be a frackin' need for pre-nuptial agreements? Am I that innocent in thinking?

Anyway, thanks for putting into words what I've been thinking of this whole mess. Given my choice between watching golf and a Cubs game on teevee, I'll chose the Cubbies any day of the week. Golf? BOOR-RING!

Emma said...

I think the story about Tiger is alive and roaring because he IS Golf royalty. Not because he's a black/Asian guy.

Tiger is up to 12 indiscretions now and counting. That's the story. We're watching an icon crumble and become a mere mortal like the rest of us. It plays to emotions we all have. The adrenaline of success and the painful stab of failure.

Tiger draws into focus that even he isn't immortal and has to face right and wrong....just like the rest of us.

susiego said...

Unfortunately, given time all will be forgiven and forgotten.
Think Michael Vick, Magic Johnson (who never admitted how he contracted HIV) and Kobe Bryant among others.
Bottom line--these guys are commodities that are worth too much money to too many people.
That being said, they seem to think they can live in glass houses (more like mansions) and that there are no consquences to their actions.
Maybe its time we put things in proper perspective and stopped idolizing a sports figures or rock stars and looked up to the doctors or teachers that should be the ones having influence our kids.

holymotherofgod said...

Ah yes, Succinctly Spoken, Sutter. I've sorta been watching it on the news, with that "oh, whatever, here's another one" viewpoint. Just another Access Hollywood moment. But you make a good point- billionaire, reinstated golf, contracts, media /image control. It's not just Tiger & immediate family affected here, it's the people in bed with Tiger (er, financially...). Dunno if I agree with the racist part, but dumbfounded by the pimp part fo'sho. Not the image he was selling. Guess a golfer is all about his balls and holes after all... Waddyado.

Tony Adame said...

Totally right about Kobe -- biggest difference was his personal life was a mess before he got hit with a rape charge. Tiger's was pure as the driven snow. We thought.

Unknown said...

Hopefully, whatever bad shit is going down between Mr and Mrs Tiger, they are keeping their kids the hell out of it. Elin seems te doing her best to handle it privately and with some grace, so kudos to her.

To (mis)quote Patterson Hood from Drive By Truckers "I'm one a them pussies who hated [sports]so I bought myself a guitar". I dont get the adulation in which sports stars are held, I really dont.

A lot of the frenzy might be jealousy maybe, or schadenfreude: you know, he has never set a foot wrong in public before, and now not only has he dropped the ball with a clang, he's dropped the other ball and his dick with it (to abuse a metaphor horribly). Why is anyone really surprised that their hero turned out to have feet (uh, "feet" will do) of clay?

Joker said...

Gotta love it. America is a great country - let the abuse begin. and the beating will not stop until moral gets better.

What did Tiger Woods wife say before he hit the tree and then the Fire Hydrant ? . . . answer FOUR ! ! !

But seriously I heard he was trying for 18 ho's but did not make par . . LMAO. Great show. The blog is the bomb. - Joker

Anonymous said...

John Daly's dropped 100lbs?????

BigScary Bob said...

"I'm a happily married man who has never cheated on my wife. Not only because I love and respect her, but because I know if I was ever caught (and I would get caught... I'm a lousy liar) the damage to my family would be irreparable."

Plus I'm thinking, your wife is somewhat like mine and through the tears she would kick your ass so severely!
Sort of like Pussycat Woods was getting from his wife when he wrecked the car.
It's going to be so hard to think of that guy as any kind of predatory big cat ever again with the picture in my head of his wife swinging a golf club at his head, while he tried to make his great escape and cracked the car up for the whole world to see!

Connie said...

The reactions to Tiger Woods is racist ? Wow. Here is a guy who shattered the color barrier in a sport were blacks were not even allowed to play, much less be the main event, so to speak, and the reaction to his mind-boggling narcissism is racist. Here is a guy who is paid a billion dollars a year to endorse everything you drink, wear or invest money in, talks about family first, is famous for having a strong father figure in his life and for the values and discipline his father taught him, and the reaction to his shortcomings is racist. I think we are all choking on the hypocrosy of athletes being role models instead of fathers/mothers or people who give a real shit about others to kids. Kids need to believe in someone, something, and unfortunately most of time it is either Hollywood or Hall of Fame. Michael Jordan was black and his infidelties were covered up quite well and for quite a long time. It is what it is. We should give this much attention to the brave men and women who ran into the North and South Towers on 9/11 and have no goddamn health coverage. My friends husband was on the cover of Newsweek, one of the fireman who was pulled out of the towers after they fell. He can barely walk, his eyes bulge out of head, his gums are black, his teeth are falling out and he has no medical. Every time I see him, my heart breaks. Lets talk about TIger Woods. Its easier.

Jeff said...

To paraphrase the late George Carlin "Fuck Tiger Woods and Fuck Lance Armstrong, I'm tired of being told who my heroes should be".

Marineposa said...

Now that I figure out how to post, again. I must tell you that your Tiger Woods blog! lmao My sentiments exact!!!! I don't follow sports either. Not a sporty spice. I'm SOA spice ;-) And I really like your irony--right on target!!!! A bunch of hypocrites! I know you don't cheat, because of the way you wrote Jax... The truth is when a man is really in love, really in love, he's very much like Jax--I know I have one! --Blond hair and all. I was told to watch the show, but I was stubborn! I missed a whole season, which I caught and bought. Why? First, I was told that Jax was like Pony and in my mind, there is no one like my Pony! Second, a motor cycle show--I was resisting my love's whole motor cycle club thing. I was told by the Pres to watch... But I'm a geek and I'm a legal assistant fighting the Village of Patchogue's fake constables--by the way we disarmed them, but no convictions. Your right the bad guys are really smart and usually get away--so many cops and officials connected and they cover for each other all the way up to the DCJS and the FBI. So far it's a slap on the wrist! But the war is not over and Marcelo Lucero's killing really brought these policies to light. Funny, how we, Henry and I, got lucky because they killed an immigrant. BTW I'm a Colombian immigrant--but because I'm white they left me alone. Big mistake on their part because I have helped disarm them--took away their little guns & will fight hate crimes, which include their racist governmental policies--like Local Law No 9... Repealed unlawfully in secret... too much to say about this... Well, the only thing I would have added to your blog would be something about evolutionary biology :-D I have to remember how to post here on your blog--which is all I have until September 2010 premiere of the best written show on television!

Jeff said...

OK so I'm sure Mr. Sutter probably has too much class to comment on the Golden Globe snub of Katey Sagal. But I dont so here goes. I must raise the bullshit flag on this one because no Ms. Sagal but Glenn Close and Kyra Sedgwick, REALLY!!!! Close and Sedgwick may be great in movies but their TV shows are hideous and unwatchable. I guess you have to put this in perspective and also realize Curb Your Enthusiasm didnt get nominated but Entourage did. The best thing I can say about Entourage is that it BLOWS!!!!! Jeremy Renner also didnt get nominated for The Hurt Locker. I know they're just fucking awards but God Damn ya know?

SP in PHX said...

This is why you're a writter and creator. Well put! That makes you a puter, not a putter! Merry Xmas


FreddywithaY said...

I tried Golf for year, I actually started to get into it but Damn! I couldn't figure out how to carry the clubs on the Softail and that was the end of it. It was Mark Twain who once said; "Golf is a way to ruin a good walk" And I say a good ride too!

Chuck said...

Was all of this sex consensual?
Were all parties involved adults?
Is your name Mrs. Tiger Woods?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, this matter concerns you.

If not, it doesn't.

Schmoker said...

If I felt alone on MOWE, I finally feel in company with someone on this Tiger Woods nonsense. Thanks, Kurt, because you summed up everything I've felt about this fake scandal since it broke.