Thursday, October 22, 2009


When I first signed up for Twitter four or five months ago, I tweeted to my friend Rich that I'd probably abuse it for a week, get freaked out and quit.  I did.  Twitter was a ridiculous concept to me.  Self-involved monitoring of daily inanities.  Who the fuck cares where Ashton buys his fucking latte?  

Clearly Twitter survived without my contribution.  A month or so ago, I got a Google alert about SOA and it was a Twitter post by Alan Sepinwall.  Alan is the TV critic for my hometown paper, NJ Star Ledger.  Alan did not seem like the type of guy who would be informing his readers where he was picking up his fucking dry cleaning, so I re-examined twitter.

That's when I got it.  I suddenly saw the power of the tweet.  Yes, it is still filled with millions of folks commenting on the texture of their morning shits, but it is also a brilliant PR tool --

Instant messaging to the masses.  
Instant links to stories.  
Instant images.  
Instant feedback.  
Instant information.  
Instant karma.

I love instant.  I consider myself a spiritual person capable of patience and acceptance, but at the end of the day -- MORE, BETTER, FASTER is still what gets my dick hard.

I have been considerably erect on Twitter ever since.  It is proving to be a great device, not for Kurt Sutter, but for SutterInk.  I feel like I have direct access to fans, critics, biz personelle and everything in-between.  The big lesson I have learned is the reach of Twitter (calling Zucker a buffoon, while accurate on some level, not a very smart career move for Kurt).  I now understand that every character I type from my keyboard or iPhone is essentially a press release.  The opinions of a writer and director for public consumption.


Kat Scratch said...

i love that you are active and INTERACTIVE on Twitter. i like that you read the shit that's @'d to you. that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Very well said (funny too!) and I couldn't agree more. M

Anonymous said...

You're one of the few "celebrities" i follow on that site. With SoA being my favorite TV show, I love getting information about it from the source... who better than the creator? It's also nice to know you read and (sometimes) respond to loyal fans who have been there since day one. Congrats on beating Leno last tuesday with Gilead.


therealzenobia said...

I appreciate what you give on Twitter, though I still prefer your longer posts here.

mikonos said...

The candor (buffoon comment) is what I like about Twitter, it's unfiltered, you don't have armies of admin folks tweaking a press release to satisfy every PC nuance. Keep it up!

PS..guess I gotta take the good with the bad, the F-Bruce thing hurt, he's got his world and rules he needs to deal with...


PatD64 said...

Where Ashton gets his latte?...Haha!!!! I always look forword to a post/pic/ or commentary from Sutterink,I enjoy your no B.S. Straight @ you point of view and Whacked sence of humor.and you're not a bad writer/director either!!! You just may make it in tinsel town after all!!! haha j/k luv the show!!

p.s. I'd love to see some new Alice in Chains music on the show,"Check my Brain" would be great if you could do it for season 3

Michael Henry said...

Glad that you have found a home and an invaluable tool on Twitter. I look forward to updates and info about your ventures. I have become a huge fan of SOA. I will admit, I watched the first episode and didn't really care for it. I went back and watched it again, and have been hooked ever since. Everyone knows not to bother me Tuesday nights from 10 til 11. You, sir, are a genius. Can't wait to see/read/tweet more.

Unknown said...

As always, I enjoy your blog posts and tweets almost as much as I enjoy SOA. You tell it like it is and pull no punches. You're the only celebrity that I follow because you come across as the real-deal, nothing phony or put on about you. May you never change.

Mo Ryan said...

Your show just beat Leno in the ratings. So don't go retracting that Zucker comment just yet, heh.

Given that FX doesn't have a SOA Twitter account, I'm sure the fans appreciate the updates from you.

I'm also a fan of Twitter for all the reasons you state.

Unknown said...

I think you being on twitter is awesome...For me it feels like a direct connect with the creator of my favorite show on TV..hollywood feels like it's world's away from North Carolina (in most ways it is) but it's really nice having that window into your life and goings on..


Anonymous said...

For you, I agree a fabulous marketing tool. For us peons, it's still about the viscosity of morning movement! I'll scoop your articulations here. They inspire me!
SP (met you here in PHX with Sonny) Great day!

Urno Talbot said...

Zucker is an idiot, to put Leno on at 10pm is an idiot move. Carson and Parr wouldnt do well then, Leno cant wipe either of their long dead asses so how can he survive? Dont worry about career moves dude, talent will trump bullshit any day. I love that Sepinwall is supporting the show, let them laugh at Jersey, Conan made Newark jokes (which I dont find funny), frig 'em all.

dadgadjohn said...

I still don't get the whole twitter thing, entirely. Nevertheless, I do follow a few folks, including Kurt. And I have learned a few interesting things about those folks that I never would have otherwise known.

That being said, when I tweeted "Coffee. Need coffee" on October 1st, I can't imagine why that would be of interest to anyone. I really did need coffee that day, though.