Saturday, July 04, 2009

PROMO # 3 -- JAX 360


Max Randal said...

I'm sure Jax will have a real good reason to have his gun out.

Ben Curtis said...

I love the effect of above and under both Jax and the bike, and I was wondering how this effect was achieved. Was it as simple as him standing on glass that the camera just looped under? Amazing, can't wait for season two to start!

DpPaul said...

Not like that other "360" on TV!

Marion SOA said...

Cette promo est coule Jax est super !!
Vivement la saison 2

Juley said...

Totally agreeing with Ben Curtis, here. The effect is amazing.
Hope to see a promo with Gemma in it, too though. <3
Can't wait for September.