Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is why the Japanese are way fucking cooler than we are. Lifted this from one of my favorite sites, Topless Robot.


Ajvngou said...

Hello, Kurt, i just want to tell you, u can change resolution of that YouTube vids, so it will "fit" to your blog (if u care, sure). btw: i am fan of SoA (i created fansite for CZECH fans)

I saw this japan great trailer... Its really cool!!! I wanna be rabbit!

Justin said...

Sweet, merciful Christ.

Next time I see a rabbit I am going to give it a wide berth.

Did you hear they are going to be making a live-action Akira?

Aaliyah said...

That was interesting, I think I have to watch it again. Although I don't speak Japanese, I get the point.

Ajvngou said...


1:26 Botasky
"Wait, Packy! You said do that by only ourselves?"

1:28 Packy
"If we do not do, those two will be killed!"
"I'll send you a sign by radio transmission, shot from here."
"I move closer them by way of side-on."
"No problem. We can do. "

1:51 Botasky
"My gun is quite usefull, right?"

1:59 Packy
"If You stay here for fight together, it cause only increase risk. don't have to return."

1:59 Packy
"If you stay, it brings nothing but risks. u don't have to come back.

(from YouTube description)

Kaz_NEETS said... Justin's comment.

This is even funnier since it's Easter. Guess this is what Cadbury bunnies do in the off-season huh?

But I politely disagree in that the Japanese are cooler than us, they just know how to deploy cute cuddly animals in more violent ways than we do. ;)