Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've finished a draft of the first script and my writers are in the process of writing 202 and 203. We've broken the first four episodes and have a pretty solid handle on the arc of the season. Two weeks ago, I pitched the big ideas to the network and they loved them. It's cool when your boss is also a fan of the show. I don't just get "that's good for the network", I get "that's great shit for the show". They had very few notes on the first script, so we are off to a good start with the story-telling. My hope is to have four scripts approved by the time we start production at the end of April. Obviously, I can't give anything away, but I as I've said in a few interviews, this season is all about alliances. We are going to explore and exploit the bonds we have with our brothers, our family, our country and our god. As I was writing this first script, I smiled when I realized that I get to channel all my twisted Catholic angst into a show about men who play God. I love my fucking job. Still uncertain exactly when season two will air. A lot depends on FX's development slate. I will keep you posted.


Leonard Chang said...

Thanks for the update. I love getting the info on the process and the inner workings...

How many writers are you working with, and how much input do they have on the storylines/arc/etc?

Parthenians said...

"Alliances"...make or break life; with your brothers, sisters, neighbors, sons, daughters, wife, husband, your dog, your cat, the planet, yourself, and this moment.

Alliances are the sugar-tit of reality: not because they are comforting, though they may well be, but because an "ally" is a reflection of you giving up yourself to another for the opportunity to be creative, and as you have said, Kurt, to play God.

I look forward to the "alliances" and what they will nurture within me. That is the beauty and truth of your writing, Kurt. You fucking do your job really well.

I spoke recently to a sheriff in Tombstone who stills packs a Colt six-shooter at his side. He commented that it was hard getting old, watching his allies die off, move away, just forget who they are. As for getting older, I said, anything that's not attentive and allied to this moment is
a waste of our remaining time. And laughter and good friends fill the heart in timeless ways...

Thanks for your heart, Kurt..

Jacob said...

Season two cannot come any sooner.

Day-Dream-Queen said...

I cannot wait to see the second season of SOA. I absolutely LOVED the first season. I am very curious to see what kind of alliances are going to be formed or are going to get broken in the second season. But no matter what happens in the second season I'm know I will enjoy watching the show because you are an amazing writer and none of your other works have ever disappointed me.

surrounded by carnivores said...

Thankyou for the update. And congratulations on the enthusiasm of the network. That is a feat in itself. Good to have someone 'up there' who admires good storytelling. We are turning increasingly to the 'lesser' channels (not the big 3)to be entertained and enriched.
I agree with Parthenians regarding alliances/allies. To have friends who understand your times, your thoughts, etc. is a gift that can enhance or destroy. They can be enriching/expanding or lead one further into delusion. As they leave (or die) those ties peel away and one is left with oneself ... nothing more.
Ah! a former Catholic too. 12 years in parochial schools (with nuns:my ears still ring from the dictionaries pounded upside my head. I will still go in for my smudge of ashes, tho, on Wednesday to be reminded. Pace

Brujah said...

Just wanted to say keep up with the good work. Love the show , love the acting in it, especially Ron hes a big inspiration, well I'll stop now seeing as you most likely get tired of reading comments like this, eager for season 2 later:)

W.L.M. said...

I'm glad to see that you guys are starting to churn out the new story lines and everything for this season.

SOA made me feel so much better about The Shield ending. It is truly one of the best shows on TV.

I know you said that you can't really give anything away, but are there going to be any new interesting characters introduced this season?


Anonymous said...

SoA just aired in Norway. Having seen all of season 1 already, I cannot wait to see what season 2 brings. Great work. Thanks, man.

Keep the rubber side down.

Justin said...

I'm interested in where Happy is going to come down in all of this. While everyone has done dirt, he's the heavy hitter that commands respect from everyone. I'll be interested to know whom he gives his allegiance to.

I still think Kip/Prospect is a Fed.

Really looking forward to the second season sir - every time I see a Bandido roll by I wonder "When does Season 2 start again?"

Kaz_NEETS said...

Great news. Looking forward to season two.

I also applaud FX for knowing what a great show/team they have in SoA. It works for everyone.

Thanks for the update Kurt.

Aaliyah said...

Thanks for the update it was so needed. It is giving me food for thought...I'm looking forward to season two.

In the meantime I'll rewatch episodes of season one to see if I can figure out where you and the other writer might go.

Kurt Yaeger said...

This isn't really for posting, but alas, here goes.

My name is Kurt Yaeger and I am a SAG actor, who happens to be an amputee. I am represented by Diverse Talent Group and Managed by Marv Douer and Associates. I am contacting you because I love the show "Sons of Anarchy" and by coincidence I am a very experienced motorcyclist (former professional x-games athlete).

I am trying to get in touch with the producers, directors and writers (in this case you) of the show because I have something, as an actor, uniquely suited for this show. Every single motorcycle club/gang has had one, if not more, of it's members loose a limb from a motorcycle accident. That story could be told for the first time, in dramatic fashion, with no CG costs to the show.

I have no limp, no noticeable gait issues, nothing that would indicate I am missing a limb. See my reel on my website . Not one of the TV audience would know that I was missing a limb until the show revealed it (psychologically it would screw with them, creating amazing drama).

I know this is a long shot. However I am a legitimate working actor, who is very professional, who has had guest star roles, who has lead feature films (low budget SAG), and can ride motorcycles as well as anyone.

I've never tried to contact a show without my agent or manager before, but as I said, I know I could bring something quite amazing to the show.

All my best,
Kurt Yaeger

surrounded by carnivores said...

Someday I hope you might address how the male cast was chosen (I watched one FX clip with the casting director but it provided minimal information).

I am intrigued by the choice of Mr. Hunnam (Green Street Hooligans?). Did you have him in mind as your initial scripts were developed?

After reading that another actor was chosen for the HBO pilot but replaced by Mr. Perleman for FX I am left to wonder why. Mr. Perleman's previous roles are so very different from Clay but a season of SOA has revealed him to be perfect in the role.

The characters of Piney and "Elvis" are so different from the usual Cinema concept of M.C. members. And how did a Scotsman come to Charming and the club? Did you have a character like the one played so well by Mr. Flanagan always in mind?

I appreciate the remarkable variety of fine actors you have assembled

As I read fiction I am aware I have images of the characters (non actors, simply height, hair color, etc.)in mind. I am interested to know how a writer for film and tv makes these mental images real.

Outsider said...

I have angst from several backgrounds...
even though I was raised an atheist...
hard to shake.....but easy to slake

Joe Nobody said...

I was just wondering if you know when the SOA season one DVD comes out. I have looked everywhere (and emailed FX) to no avail.