Thursday, January 01, 2009


Thank you for all your support, comments and opinions this last year. Sutter Ink blog began as a self-indulgent social experiment and turned out to be an eye-opening experience. Before long I realized my blog was a portal into the heartbeat of social awareness. The most thoughtful, thorough and interesting writings in 2008 came out of the blogosphere. On the flipside, some of the most inane, hateful and ridiculous things spawned there as well. But that's what makes it so powerful. It is the only forum for true, unedited FREE SPEECH. Let's hope that never changes. On a personal note, I may bitch, gripe and rage about people and institutions, but at the end of the day, I absolutely realize how lucky I am. I am an artist who makes a living through his art. Not many folks can claim that fact. I get paid a fuckload of money to do something I would do for free (for me, money equals respect, and I demand a lot of respect). I wish you all a safe, sane and notorious 2009.


surrounded by carnivores said...

Agreed! what an amazing time to be alive. I saw and briefly met Martin Luther King while in High School in Hawaii. To see this remarkable arc that brought Mr. Obama to the presidency in my lifetime is astounding. We waited on a freezing morning to join over 15,000 people from all over the state to see Mr. Obama. We were touched and amazed that he as willing to visit this very red state. We joked that if someone droped a bomb on the Pavilion all of the Idaho Democrats would be wiped out.
I was afraid to hope since we were ignored into a raging silence over the last 8 (+) years.
We traveled in October through the eastern Mediterranean to the Black Sea. EVERYONE we met impressed us about the importance of the election and Mr. Obama. They stressed that it was not simply about our leadership but about the world's. My eyes were opened to the need this planet has for a calm and reasoned leader to help us all to a world that makes sense.
We grumble about our taxes but I am actually more than pleased to invest in this remarkable organization: the USA. Our local and federal taxes support free public education, fine roads, libraries, public universities, parks, and although I don't always support the uses of our military I remember with pride their assistance during world wide disasters.

Outsider said...

You're So Right About Free Speech and the Blogosphere....I almost got Disabled on a certain
Site we both know about Merely for Adding Fan Pages and Posting a Greeting to the Fellow Fans..
(with a slightly repetitive greeting heh heh)
I'll probably be disabled and ejected from that
penalty box. I see the graffiti on the wall.

Apparently one just gets picked up by an arbitrary robot algorithm and then put in the Penalty Box or Ejected if one is too redundant

We are wayyyy into the Big Brother Post 1984 Brave New World....Brrrrrrrrr!!!!

Justin said...

As 2008 rolls up, I'm holding my breath to see what the President Elect will do next.

Has their ever been a President Elect that inherited such a mess? Fixing the economy, fixing the military, fixing American interests abroad.

I have a brother in Iraq and I hope he gets to come home. He'll probably be career military, that's his decision. Having been in the service I know it's dangerous. But I hope the military get's a much-needed revamp to make that job a bit safer - if not competent.

As for Free Speech and the blogosphere, as a journalist I both love it and hate it. On one hand it's helping nail shut the coffin on my profession, but on the other hand it's helping anyone and everyone say what they want, when they want for millions of people should they care to read it. This is important, especially if your name isn't Rupert Murdock.

In regards to your blog, it's refreshing to see this kind of transparency, in a way eroding the "fourth wall" between audience and entertainer. Sure, you're not inviting us over for steaks and a beer (I'm available Saturday in case you are) but for people like me who are interested in the process it's fascinating.

Thanks for the insight. I know a lot of people appreciate your work and your accessibility.



Kaz_NEETS said...

Keep on bikin' Kurt through your characters and imagination. Thanks for the best show on the tube. And for some insightful and fascinating peeks behind the scenes via your blog.

A fun and notorious 2009 to you too.

You keep writing, I'll keep watching and reading.

ma45 said...

Just wanted to comment on how much I enjoy the show and also how much I am looking forward to next season. I did have a question kurt, since I see you are an avid gamer, if you have seen the new Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost and the Damned. The plot and the characters seem very similar to SOA. I was wondering if you had any input into this game, and also your thoughts on it

ABATEJoe said...

New year started kind of screwed up for me, but, couple weeks down the road and getting back to reading your blog is a good distraction.

Thanks for all the great art you laid on us this year. No greater praise for an artist than to have millions of people say we love your work, so, we will ensure that you keep getting "lots of Respect"

You know, that word has a very profound meaning in the biker world as by now I'm sure your very familiar with.

So, Respects to you Kurt, Can't wait to see more of your stuff soon.

Lakota said...

2008 wasn't to bad a year,we had the Pleasure of SOA season 1,the pleasure of hearing it got the vote to come back with a season 2,and last year had a lot of good get it in the wind days overall,happy about the election,well not quite but we'll have to wait and see what happens.
Will Mr. Obama be able to keep his promises,I doubt it,NO politician keeps his word,lieing is what they do best. All we can hope for is that God will Bless us All,that and wait on the 2nd Season of SOA.
Respects ,