Thursday, October 02, 2008


So I'm neck deep in writing the last two scripts and the last thing I should be doing is updating my fucking blog... or playing Crysis Warhead or Gears of War or Rainbow 6 Vegas II. But I just got off the phone with FX and I'm happy to report that our ratings went up again this week. "Giving Back" matched the premier number in the 18-49. And our Sunday and Tuesday night repeats of "Patch Over" were both up. Sons of Anarchy continues to attract new viewers and more importantly, it's keeping the ones we have. Look, in the general scheme of things, 1.5 is not a huge number. Network shows do 10's and higher. But in cable it's a respectable number and the truly phenomenal thing is the fact that not only aren't our numbers dropping off, they're actually improving. In this gluttonous landscape of scripted TV, that shit isn't supposed to happen. I can't tell you the number of comments and emails I've gotten from viewers who assure me that they are telling all their friends and colleagues about the show. It's working. I'm glad people are digging the show. If you keep watching, I'll keep writing. Thanks again.


Unknown said...

Keep up the excellent work Kurt. My MC can barely wait week to week for a new episode; and while there are things we find that are inaccurate, we also appreciate what you're trying to do. Everyone I bring into the world of SAMCRO instantly loves it, even people who I had to dang near fight to get them to watch But thank you for finally representing us bikers.

SpencerHaley said...

"...from viewers who assure me that they are telling all their friends and colleagues about the show. It's working."

The show is great, and I'm definitely spreading the word. Thanks for writing such fine material, and may the Thursday mornings bring you the best of news.

Kaz_NEETS said...

"Giving Back" was the best episode yet. Everything the show hinted at was starting to come through.

Yeah, I'm an Opie addict Kurt.

The humor, the menace everything was really starting to fall into place with this episode. I'm officially addicted.

I watched both airings last night.

And I keep telling people about the show.

Congratulations on the win man.

I can see the show is slowly building up to something huge. Worth it.

You've got me as a loyal viewer...

Kaz_NEETS said...

I realize my post was a repeat of this morning's, but I just want to congratulate you on how this excellent show is coming together.

BTW was that you as Otto?

Please keep writing.

I'll definitely keep watching and spreading the word.

Max Barber, A Thief In The Light said...

I just finished another episode of SOA and.....whoa. The patch over was very interesting and "risky". I'm just really loving the show, Kurt. No other way to describe it. It's smart as could be. You truly know your craft and its just exciting to watch it all appear on screen. Can't wait for next weeks. Thanks for this labor of love. I've told everyone I know to tune in.

Outsider said...

Kickin' sum Azzzzz!!!

And like I sed on Fazebook...
It gives "I got your back Bro"
A whole new Meaning

Cosmo's human said...

You continue to amaze me with the writing. "Giving Back" was awesome. CMD was way funny. Burning the tat was realistic, I guess that's how it is done..can someone from a MC comment on that. I thank the one who did reply to my previous post. He has encouraged me.

I have DVR each show, for good reason, as FX "lost" the sound in the middle of the shoot-out with the Asian gang, I was able to delete and tape the next hours presentation. FX I understand had some problems in the Pittsburgh area, as I heard from a friend of mine there. Shame!

I'm interested in buying a shirt or any other merchandise that may come from the show, any possibilities? Hell, I'd love an autograph or some leather...

Keep it up, looking forward to next week.

Anonymous said...

This week's show was fantastic! Your making it so fricking easy to pimp this thing out! I do have a request...everyone in the UK wants to know when it's hitting there? Yeah..I'm international pimping you guys out. Your gaining a loyal audience over there..thank the gods for remote desktop..I've got friends remoting into watch the episodes off the pvr in my pc.

Anonymous said...

This is great news! Really enjoying the show. Look forward to seeing the rest. Thanks.


Anonymous said...


terrific, I am so happy for you and, selfishly, for myself.

1. So what does that mean for a possible Season 2? Do things look good? When will you know?

2. Are you shooting in HD so we can hope for a Blu-ray set of the first season?

Max Barber, A Thief In The Light said...

It's my favorite show hands down. There's not a smarter show on the tube right now. Brilliant beyond words, man. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm a cynic, and even i thought burning off the tat was......well, he deserved it. Nice touch.

The wanker........Kurt, we gotta talk....I have no idea where you pulled that one out of, but, if it was a childhood friend, you should have cut his freakin hands off right then and done the world a favor. Loved the reaction to him though when get first got into the van an started that hand puppet routine, looks on their face were priceless, I was howling for days it was so funny.

Then again in the bar, I thought old dude was going to blow an oxygen tube looking at him. Those scenes must have taken forever to film with people just cracking up. To freakin funny.

I don't know who the actor is playing the AFT guy, sorry I just don't keep up on that stuff, but, he must be a good actor cause he makes even me want to punch him in the face so I guess that's a testament to his craft.

I can't say as a lot of us are really "into" it like a lot of the others, but, we do keep coming back to see how your going to top yourself in the next episode, which I suppose is the name of the game huh?

"what, to soon for that joke?" Classic, and again, had me on the floor. Freakin brilliant!!

One tidbit, more bikes, more riding, specially hard riding out to deal with club business. Most of us watching after all ARE bikers, we'd like to see more of the bikes on the road etc.

Over all, better than expected, I give. Sure hope Opie gets his woman straightened out. Have a feeling if she can't "wrap her mind around the MC life", well, she's going to be history.

Anonymous said...

I have totally fallen for this show and have been telling my friends about it. I just spent this weekend watching all 4 previous episodes and DVR'd the latest episode when it ran last night.

I'm going to keep watching and recommeding it to my fiends. Keep up the excellent work.

magikalmyst said...

Kurt just heard on the FX message boards that Sons was picked up for another season..Congrats. We are all very excited to see how you can continue your shock and awe campaign on our senses. Everything is fantastic. Just one thing all the girls on there want you to do one thing for us next season, or even this season if possible..More Tommy Flanagan..Please..We would like to know more about Chibs and his past, and also how he came into the club. Hop over to the boards and check out what everyones saying, if nothing else it's entertaining as hell. Congrats again, and don't change Gemma one bit, this is definatley your wife's BEST role to date..Love her..Thanks

Anonymous said...

I knew I was crazy over the program and I wait anxiously each week for my next ‘fix’ of the show, but I was a little surprised when I went to my Dr. last week and the show is all he could talk about. He’s been telling all his doctor friends that one of his patients is one of those guys (my husband has had 40 years hardcore MC under his belt and now is an ordained minister). He drilled me about different thinds on the show and I told him, “The show’s very close to being the real deal”. That really excited him.
Cosmos human asked for products like t-shirts & stuff to be offered for sale. I understand that’s a usual thing to do when a show is on its upward spiral but be very careful how you handle that kind of thing. You don’t want any citizens getting hurt by accident wearing them in the wrong places or taking on an imaginary big-head when profiling the stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love this show and I'm not much of a serial TV watcher. I love, love, LOVE Katey's character. Gemma is strong yet vulnerable (from one menopausal woman to another). Glad to hear there will be a second season. Thanks.

Sean said...

Great F*ing show man. I'm not a big fan of tv, but SOA is a show I look forward to, from the writing to the acting to the directing I really can find anything I don't like about it. Charlie Hunnam is a great pic for this role. I'm surprised he hasn't been given more credit as an actor. Keep the good work up.