Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here's my advice to my friends at HBO. Yes, we pitched Sons of Anarchy to you first. Yes, we left your pitch meeting scratching our heads, wondering if the executive who was yawning, staring at her watch, putting her feet up on the table, and sighing exasperatedly was somehow testing our resolve; seeing if we were indeed more than just TV, were we HBO? Yes, we sold the show to FX. Yes, you liked our pitch so much you went out and found your own. Yes, you made a pilot and ordered scripts. Yes, we will be on the air months before you. Many people are wondering -- what you will do? Is there room for two outlaw motorcycle shows? Should you make 1%? I say -- yes, yes, yes. It's a big, rich fascinating world. Spend some of that endless HBO coin. Join the motherfuckin' ride. I don't know much about your show other than what I've read in the trades ( really good things) and what I've heard in certain MC circles (really bad things). I know you have an extremely talented cast. I love Donal Logue. Wanted him for our show. Didn't have the money and clout to get him out of his previous deal. You did, you're fucking HBO, man. Based on the loglines I've read, it sounds like the bikers of 1% are a group of meth-cooking under-achievers, a pack of Hells Angels Sweat Hogs and Donal Logue's character is the bad-ass Mr. Kotter. And with the great comic power of that cast -- Logue, Abe Benrubi, James LeGros, Kim Dickens, W. Earl Brown and Lucy Punch -- I'm assuming the series will have a more comedic bent. It's really a win-win situation for you folks at HBO. If our show is a success, audiences will be excited about the world. There will be buzz and an appetite for outlaw motorcycle culture. As long as 1% delivers a unique tone and a different POV of the world, HBO wins. And if our show tanks, 1% has the opportunity to be the take on the MC world that works. And if both shows are successful we feed off of each other. We all win. I smell a season three cross-over episode. All snarkiness aside, I do believe that audiences will be open to multiple shows on the genre. They always have been. People don't fall in love with a show, they fall in love with the characters. If you populate shows with rich, complex characters, people will show up to watch their journeys. It doesn't matter how many other shows visit the same theme, doesn't matter if their riding Harleys or Vespas, doesn't matter if they're on FX or HGTV. In fact, I'm sure Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS all have outlaw motorcycle projects in the works. Can you say CSI Sturgis?


Outsider said...

Damn...My Sentiments as Well...
I've been arguin' this case on imdb message boards
for weeks as 1% sits there in the doldrums...
(admittedly with some edits in order not to offend when I read enough to know SAMCRO was the rill deal...I also wondered if 1% was gonna b on the comedic tip)
...Duelin' Biker Shows Would bring the Best
Out of Both......Crossover Episode?...YahMon....
Jess goes to show GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!

Hope H of BO Follow the Advice Kurt's dolin' out here.
Cause it's Good Advice..
the H of BO has made some false moves lately
(the description of the Squirming Sighing Suit is
Phreakin' Hilarious...Ought to make a character out of her and change the name just slightly and have
bad things happen to her...Like the isht my friend's mom saw in Denver recently...This dude was accelerating on his bike...lost control..went straight into a tree and broke up into 10 or 15 pieces..My friend's mom saw the guy's ass fly up in the air and down as a separate piece)

HBO's in Danger of Bein'
Surpassed by FX & Showtime in the Short Term
Showtime and FX are breathin' down the H of BO's
necks as it is....

Now if we could just get FX to go
NC-17 They'd be UnPhreakinStoppable...

Unknown said...

This fall on:
ABC - Grey's Hog
CBS - Survivor: Angels vs Outlaws
NBC - Last Biker Riding
SHO - Softcore cable porn with something that looks like a Harley in the background.

wackman said...

Not to worry...HBO Fucked-Up "John from Cincinnati". It had great characters, a good concept but lack insight and clarity. Just stay on your game plan and trust your instincts and you'll make a better show.