Sunday, May 11, 2008

USA TODAY ( Friday, 5/9)

FX gives biker drama 'Anarchy' some gas

FX is out to explore the world of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Sons of Anarchy, due in September. It stars Charlie Hunnam as gang member Jax Teller, who comes to resent its lawlessness, and Katey Sagal is his mother, who marries the gang's leader.

TV portrayals often "fluctuate between two stereotypes, the big bad evil biker dudes and warm, cuddly wild hogs," says writer/producer Kurt Sutter (The Shield), who is Sagal's husband. He is more interested in the juxtaposition of danger and humor: "These guys know how feared they are, and it allows them to move through their world with such swagger and confidence."

HBO also is shooting a pilot, 1%, about a biker club in small-town Arizona.

Gary Levin


Juley said...

It seems very exciting. I'll be watching in September. That's too bad there's 3 months till that. :S

Have a great time writing the script!

Ruv Draba said...

Given than I'm in Australia and that cable is pretty poxy here I guess I'm waiting for DVD.

Keep it coming Kurt!