Thursday, May 22, 2008


Story hit the trades today about adding Ron Perlman to the cast of Sons of Anarchy. Been sitting on this information for weeks now, but couldn't say anything because we were tweaking schedules and closing deal points. Ron's a very busy guy these days. Before I get into Ron, I'd like to speak to why we recast the role of Clay Morrow and explain the process of replacing an actor in a pilot. It was a new experience for me and probably the most difficult creative decision I ever had to make. Scott Glenn was originally cast in the role. We shot a version of the pilot with him. Scott is an enormously talented actor who can spin straw writing into gold. Beyond his talent, he's a really nice guy who loved this project. Loved working with Katey, Charlie and the guys. There was no petty, personality issues. Replacing Scott was ultimately about seeing the series more clearly and better understanding the important tonal function that Clay must serve in the show. The pilot that Allen Coulter shot was beautiful to look at, it captured the world, but it lacked intimacy. This was not Allen's fault, it was mine. The component of the Outlaw Biker world that most fascinated me was how much these guys loved their lives. They were funny, irreverent, politically incorrect, racist, homophobic, sexist -- they were real. And they fucking apologized for nothing. That attitude, that swagger needs to be dripping off this series. We missed that, I missed that in the pilot we shot. I realized that Clay as the leader of this MC, needs to set that dark comedic tone. If the King laughs, the entire court laughs. I had three actors in mind to recast as Clay. Ron Perlman was at the top of that short list. I felt he had the dark comedic chops and physical and emotional gravitas to pull off this re-imaging of Clay (C'mon, he's the Beast and fucking Hellboy). I expanded that list to ten names and emailed it to John Landgraf. John picked one name, Ron Perlman. We met, he read with Katey and Charlie -- And so the trilogy is complete once more. Hamlet, Gertrude and Claudius. I also saw the 30 second promo that's gonna hit the air soon. If the show is half as cool as the promo, we got a hit.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog. Its very exclusive. Anyone can put in their two cents.

Since all the suits in Hollywoodland don't know their asses from a hole in the ground.

Here is my two cents for two directors that could do a decent job on "Son of Anarchy"

1)Geoffrey Wright- He's the guy that did "Romper Stomper" with Russel Crowe playing a skinhead. If you've never seen it(hard to believe) check it out.

2)Kathryn Bigelow- I was just reading that there aren't enough women directors. She knows how to direct an action sequence. She's probably ridden a Harley too. She did "Point Break" about outlaw surfers... the party scene in Venice captured the "it" perfectly.

extra(no charge)- David Mamet, he knows how to capture the essence of the Alpha Male, Ron Perlman, which BTW is a good choice.

You ever check out the Vagos website?

Hang out with the Hells Angels in Ventura? Hang out in the "Avenue" area you'll see them.

And shoot on Super 16mm.

Don't listen to Studio executives, they are clueless.

Anonymous said...

DUDE! I must have missed this post a few days ago! Lord Ron is the man! Ok Ok I know I was talking shit about fanboys that take shit too far but I can admit I am a fan of his many many many projects. mainly his Video Game work which he did a load of and hence the reason I call him Lord Ron after his Lord Hood voice in the Halo series,classic! I would give the world, if i owned it of course, to work with Ron! Congrats on casting such a great talent! Hope this series will be around for awhile. Between your better half and Ron, and im guessin the brit cause I honestly know nothing of him, this promises to be something I will go out of my way to watch.