Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yesterday's Variety had this story: WGA ENLISTS AID OF PR PAIR Democratic Political Consultants To Help Effort
The Writers Guild of America has retained veteran Democratic political consultants Bill Carrick and Kam Kuwata to provide assistance on the strategic and PR fronts of the 8-week-old strike.

The duo came aboard earlier this month at the guild's behest in the wake of the Dec. 7 collapse of negotiations between the WGA and the AMPTP, which insisted that the guild remove half a dozen proposals from the table as a condition of continuing to bargain. The WGA refused, and no new talks have been scheduled, while the Directors Guild of America is widely expected to set a start date for negotiations on its contract within the next week.

Kuwata said he and Carrick will work for the WGA for as long as needed.

In their first major task for the WGA, Carrick and Kuwata helped organize the guild's participation in the well-publicized Dec. 19 hearing at Los Angeles City Hall on the economic impact of the work stoppage.

The WGA's been touting the fact that recent polls show the general public backing writers, such as last week's USA Today/Gallup poll showing 60% support among respondents. Kuwata said that he's seeing similar levels of public support in informal gatherings, such as his own family's holiday dinner...

-- I'm glad the Kuwata family is feeling our pain. Maybe I'll send them my post-holiday Mastercard bill. Is it me, or does the idea of needing to protect our public image fly in the face of our "everyman" cause? I hate being the one who keeps pulling the scab off the wound, but "what the fuck?" That's our fucking dues that are paying for Mr. Kuwata's holiday dinner. I've been told by "those in the know" that this PR hire is a necessary component of our strategy. Really? What strategy is that? The get back to work strategy or the save face strategy? I need some drywall.

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